Keep an Eye on Kids’ Facebook with BlurSPY Facebook Screen Recorder

Keep an Eye on Kids’ Facebook with BlurSPY’s Facebook Screen Recorder

The use of social media among teens is common. According to research, over 90% of teens by the age of two have a social media presence in the USA. The teens are using social sites more than the adults and the young people. They also get this effect from their parents and siblings when they see them using social and dating sites. The same study concluded parents share around 1000 images of their child before they turn five.

No one might have issues with the social media and dating websites if they were safe for the people and teens. But the problem is they have serious threats and risks to every person. No one is really safe on social sites. Facebook has been using the private data of users and sold it to other third-party apps whereas they promise to protect user data. Similarly, they also have access to many sites and apps to see and delete our Messenger conversations. How can anyone be literally safe with all this?

Why Keep Eyes on Kids’ Facebook?

With the details mentioned above, everyone feels there is a need to keep eyes on their children and what they do on social media and Facebook. The kids share so much information and details without asking their parents about the consequences. They are a Facebook addict and try to be like people on social sites. Here below are some reasons why parents should keep eyes on the Facebook use of their teens and children.

Because It is Dangerous for Teens

The use of social sites and Facebook is really harmful to young minds. Teens between the age of 3-10 should be saved from such content as is shared on the social sites. They see a lot of adult material and images. They see people sharing perfect images of their bodies. They are exposed to a lot of sexual content that should have been far away from their reach.

Children Share Personal Details on Facebook

The teens are sharing too many details about themselves, their families, siblings, and families. Even they show their check-in and check-out locations that make them vulnerable to the predators and criminals. Sharing this much data is never good for a teen.

They Feel Ashamed About their Bodies

Facebook is all about visual content, either images or videos. Less are the people who use this site or app for productivity and business purposes. Teens love to see adult images and photos of the models who look just perfect after so much editing and camera effects. This influences the young brains and they feel why they don’t like these people. This complex develops with time and teens feel inferior. They feel upset about their bodies and want to look like the models in photos.

Keep an Eye on Kids’ Facebook with BlurSPY’s Facebook Screen Recorder

How to Use BlurSPY Facebook Screen Recorder?

Everything is clear now that teens should be monitored and parents should keep eyes on their activities and online use of social sites. BlurSPY is Best Android spy software that allows parents to keep eyes on their teens while they are using Facebook and other social websites. With this app, every parent can monitor the Facebook use by their kids and take further measure to stop this.

Using Facebook Screen Recorder

The feature to record screens and is really easy and simple. You should install the app on the phone owned by your child. Also, install the app on your device from where you will give commands and orders to activate the feature of the app. make sure both devices are connected to the internet connection in order to use this feature and get desired results.

As soon as you will turn on the feature, it will start working. The app will record the live screen and everything your child is doing on the phone. They may navigate between the apps and return. You will be able to see their screens during the time you are monitoring them. As soon as you turn the feature off, the recording will be uploaded to your dashboard from where you can check it. The feature makes the lives of parents easier.

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