Lip Flip Before And After

Lip Flip Before And After


Getting to know the details of the process always helps. Especially if they are related to your looks, then you will find them highly interesting. Lip flip before and after details will surely help you get a perfect idea regarding the specifications and application of this process. You must ensure that while going for something like a lip flip, you have done your homework and know everything about the procedure.

People do pay attention to the details of the procedures. You should also pay attention to the before and after of these processes. This way, you can easily take the appropriate steps to get the desired results. If you go for the process blindly, you might hurt yourself and your looks. In this article, you will learn all about the lip flip before and after details.

What is Lip flip

An overview

A lip flip can be defined as the non-surgical method utilized for the creation of fuller lips. To achieve this, the physician or the expert conducting the process will inject the botulinum toxin A or most popular known as Botox, into the upper lip. This will create an illusion for the larger lips.

How injection helps

The injection of Botox offers relaxation to the muscles present above the lips. As a result of the relaxation of the muscles, we witness the upper lip to be slightly flipping upwards. Due to this procedure, the prominence of the lips is increased. You must remember that it does not increase the size of the lips. In fact, it only creates an illusion of it.

Who should get Botox

Recently it has been observed that individuals who experience the exposure of gums while smiling should go for the Botox procedure. Once you are through with the lip flip process, the elevation of the upper lip is lessened. As a result, the exposure of the gums is reduced.

The conduction of the procedure

Toxin injection

Now it is important that we also look into the details regarding how this procedure works. The procedure tells us that the injection of Abobotulinumtoxin A, including Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport, into the upper lip, takes place. This injection aims to ensure that the orbicularis oris muscle is relaxed. This muscle plays a key role in the formation of the shape of the lips.

Muscle relaxation

Soon after the injection, the top will be relaxed, and it will be flipped outside. Thus it will offer an illusion of fuller lips. The process does not take much longer. In fact, it can be conducted in a matter of minutes. Also, those who worry a lot about invasive surgeries can shoot for this process to get the thicker lips they desire.

Important guidelines

Now there are certain guidelines that you must stick to after getting the lip filler. If you are wondering what you should do and what not to do, then below we have mentioned a list of the activities that you must pay attention to:

  • Ensure you do not exercise for the rest of the day after getting the lip flip. Make sure you do not sleep facedown the night you get your lip flip.
  • If a bump occurs at the site of injection, then you should not panic at all. It is normal for it to occur.
  • Bruising might occur at the injection site, so do not panic.

The duration for the appearance of results

If you are wondering about the results of the procedure, then you should wait for a couple of days. You might not immediately get the results after the injection. In a couple of days, the Orbicularis oris muscle relaxes, and as a result, the upper lip is flipped. The complete results are achieved after a week of conduction of the procedure.

The duration of lasting of the effect

One of the most important things that you should know is the fact that the duration of the results of this procedure is not very long. In fact, they only last for 2 to 3 months. As we all know, the upper lip muscle moves constantly; therefore, the effects of Botox might wear off sooner than expected. Also, since this procedure involves a small dose of toxin, this might be the reason for the short duration of results.

Details you should pay attention to

There are several details that you must pay attention to if you are deciding to go for the lip flip procedure. Below we have mentioned a few of them for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • People who are afraid of the needle and have a needle phobia should not go for such tricky procedures.
  • There are several alternatives to the lip flip process. They all vary based on the duration of action, nature of the procedure, means surgical or non-surgical, cost-effectiveness, and required precautionary measures. Therefore you must examine all of them before making the final call.
  • The procedure also has emotional effects, so you must always feel ready to accept the new look.

The side effects of the procedure

There are several potential side effects and complications that might occur as a result of this process, and it is important that you are well aware of these side effects so that you know the risk you will undertake. Below we have mentioned a few for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • The over-relaxation of the muscle might lead to weakness of the muscles. It will make you drink with the help of a straw.
  • Trouble while speaking might also occur as a result.
  • Other rare side effects also include the allergic reaction that is associated with every individual.
  • The toxin induction might lead to headaches or neck and back pain.
  • Swallowing difficulty, shortness of breath, itching, and loss of appetite are also on the list.
  • Fever, cough, dizziness, and dry mouth are also some rare side effects of the procedure.

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Lip flip before and after effects and information are mentioned above in this article. You should pay attention to all these details if you want to conduct a safe procedure and get the desired results. The research will surely help you reduce the cost, get expert services, and reduce the chances of side effects.

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