List of WiFi Scanners That Might Be Useful to You

List of WiFi Scanners That Might Be Useful to You

We now live in generations where WiFi is useful in our daily lives. It is beneficial in different ways, and you can use it in your daily needs like work, study, or business. We use WiFi to access the web in your home if you happen to have WiFi, and connecting many devices is easy, from tablets to computers, smartphones, and a lot more.

Because of technology like this, the WiFi network has a lot of users, and it is widespread today. Our homes, schools, parks, malls, offices, restaurants, and other useful facilities have one or a couple of WiFi networks that can help people to browse the internet. With that, it is where the WiFi scanners can be handy.

The main thing that you might want to know is how WiFi scanners operate. It’s what the name suggests, and the primary purpose of WiFi scanners is to scan WiFi connections or networks the are close or nearby to this device. There are also WiFi scanners that are applications and downloadable.

Some scanner apps are already on your smartphone, and you might be using it now. There are also hardware versions of the WiFi scanners and has features like the software. And to add to the software’s features, it is more convenient because you can use it on the go. With that, here’s a list of WiFi scanners that might be useful to you.

Acrylic WiFi

Acrylic WiFi is among the popular WiFi scanner nowadays. It is a program set that provides analysis and details about your WiFi connection. It can also offer and deliver the details about connections security, internet speed, WiFi coverage, and the WiFi’s overall performance.

It is the right tool if you want to analyze your WiFi connection and a lot of homes, facilities, businesses use this scanner because it brings reliable and dependable analysis. The main thing is that it’s for scanning WiFi networks. In simple words, WiFi scanners let you analyze your WiFi’s strength and not just your WiFi, but for others too. But if you want to know more about this WiFi scanner, check out the details about acrylic wifi.

Microsoft WiFi Analyzer

This WiFi Analyzer that is made for Windows is simple and appealing. You can use it for free, and it is available in an app version, although it does not have a pro version. Microsoft Wifi Analyzer’s interface is pleasing in the eyes and uncluttered and straightforward.

Using the WiFi Analyzer, users of Windows will have the idea of where to install their router and what is the best channel to configure, and this adds the locations scanning to know the access points. Its pro version has added and upgraded features and has support, but it is cheaper compared to other business-oriented competitors.

Eventually, Microsoft WiFi Analyzer fits best for individuals who want a quick sweep. It is a curse and a blessing at the same time, and it’s there doing the bare minimum.

Microsoft WiFi Commander

This WiFi scanner is available in an app version only, and Microsoft WiFi Commander is a useful and necessary WiFi tool for analysis. Although homeowners are the typical users of this app, it is also helpful for IT professionals that walk around in their spaces they survey. It scans its surroundings for available networks, and it is also touch-friendly for mobile devices and tablets.

The interface of this app is unique and truly a beautiful design. It generates 3D graphics of the landscape of the WiFi, plots networks in an updated manner based on the signal level, specified filters, and channel distribution. It also gives the information with regards to the authentication level, MAC address, security, and vendor.

While its features are not complicated like the other WiFi scanning apps, for its mobile app price, WiFi Commander is a great deal; it offers visualization that is pleasing, and for professionals, it is convenient if they are doing preliminary space walkthrough.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some ideas about the reliable WiFi scanners, you might plan on having one like on the list. These WiFi scanners and analyzers are useful to a lot of individuals, especially if they have businesses, or they can use it at their homes.

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