Liver King Net Worth, Controversy, Social Presence, and More

liver king net worth

If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to follow someone who can add real value to your life, Liver King is the one you’re looking for! From YouTube to Instagram, this man is creating a stir with his lifestyle and eating habits. He is a role model for people who are passionate about bodybuilding and has been able to grow the Liver King net worth exponentiality with consistency.

Liver King bio

Birth Name  Brian Johnson
Professional Name Liver King
Occupation Businessman, TikToker, YouTuber, Fitness Influencer
Date of Birth  1976 or 1977
Liver King Age 46-47 years
Place of Birth San Antonio, Texas
Education Texas Tech University
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Liver Queen/ Barbara Johnson
Children Rad (14) and Stryker (16)
Nationality American

Liver King net worth

At present, the net worth of Liver King has reached $10 million. His supplement business is one of the major sources of his income. Additionally, he has made significant investments in the real estate market. He also generates consistent revenue through brand endorsements and sponsorship deals in the fitness industry.

Liver King early life

Brian was born on April 7, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas. Little is known about his childhood other than the fact that he spent the first 2 decades of his life in Texas. Although Brian is an extrovert and is active on social media, he does not share anything about his parents.

When he was in school, Brian was often bullied, and it left a deep impact on his mind. As far as his higher education is concerned, he was a student at the esteemed Texas Tech University.

In 2000, he completed his graduation in Biochemistry and then took admission in a medical college. However, he did not acquire a degree as he dropped out and started working with a pharmaceutical company.

From an early age, Brian was a gym rat and a fitness fanatic. As he had a high-paying job, he could also afford to frequently participate in adventure sports. Snowboarding, for instance, is one of his favorites.

Liver King wife

Liver King’s wife is Barbara Johnson. As her husband is extremely popular, many people address her as Liver Queen. Now that’s quite a title, huh?

Brian and Barbara met in a picturesque hill station where he was shredding slopes. They fell in love and soon decided to get married. They tied the knot in 2004. At that time, Brian had a job in a pharmaceutical company and wasn’t a social media star.

Barbara is a beautiful woman of Polish ancestry. She is a dental specialist and a supportive wife who follows her husband’s unique diet. She can often be seen in his videos.

Liver King diet

Liver King rose to fame and emerged as an influencer because of his extraordinary dietary choices. His diet comprises raw delicacies like chicken hearts, turkey hearts, chicken liver, and bone marrow. He says the Ancestral Tenet theory inspires him to make such food choices. So, he also consumes raw milk and fermented foods.

Risks of following Liver King diet

Multiple nutritionists have criticized Brian’s diet and claimed that his advice can be potentially dangerous. According to certified dieticians, the consumption of raw meat increases the chances of bacterial infections.

Additionally, meat-rich diet is loaded with saturated fat, and so, it raises the cholesterol levels. Daily consumption of meat is also linked with an increased risk of digestive problems and heart ailments.

Hence, if you suddenly feel tempted to have uncooked meat after watching Liver King’s videos, think twice. It will be better to consult an accomplished dietician before making any changes to your existing diet.

Liver King business ventures

Liver King owns a company that specializes in manufacturing dietary supplements. The name of his brand is Heart and Soil, and it sells various kinds of supplements.

Liver King on social media

On YouTube, Johnson has 748k subscribers and his videos got more than 66 million views. On TikTok, 5.7 million people follow him.

Liver King controversy

Johnson’s attractive physique is the first thing that grabs a viewer’s attention. He has repeatedly denied taking any steroid to gain muscles. However, in late 2022, it was revealed that he regularly took various drugs. An email got leaked and it proved his intake of high levels of testosterone.

Liver King apologized to his followers, but they were furious. Some even ended up filing a lawsuit against him for conveying false information.

Lesser-known facts about Liver King

Now that you know Liver King net worth, you may enjoy reading these interesting facts about him:

  • Although he eats unprocessed organs or other animals, Johnson is extremely fond of dogs. He has four pets, namely, Axe, Dobber, Tundra, and Mace, and all of them are Dobermanns.
  • Liver King may look beastly because of his physique and the way he eats raw meat. However, he is a loving and caring husband who respects and pampers his wife. According to him, he knew she was his twin flame the moment he met her.

Final thoughts

Despite the controversies and questions raised about his diet, Liver King’s videos continue to get millions of views. His immense popularity in the fitness industry makes it evident that Liver King net worth will keep increasing steadily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Liver King?

Liver King or Brian Johnson is an American businessman and fitness influencer. He is an advocate of ancestral living, and he consumes large portions of raw meat.

2. What type of lifestyle does Liver King promote?

Liver King’s philosophy in life is to live and eat like the first humans that inhabited the earth. His business is also based on the same idea: Ancestral Living.

3. What is the net worth of Liver King?

As of 2024, Liver King net worth is supposed to be $10 million. He has amassed this amount from diverse sources such as brand endorsements, YouTube, TikTok, and business.

4. How many children does Liver King have?

Liver King and Liver Queen have two children. They are Stryker and Rad and people call them the Savage Liver Boys. Like their parents, they follow the same lifestyle and make appearances in their dad’s videos.

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