Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger with These Tips

With limited real estate space in most cities, most apartments and houses have small bathrooms. While they are functional enough, small bathrooms do not look great due to their size. However, there are ways to make a small bathroom look great and bigger. Consider the following small bathroom ideas.

Use Light and Bright Colors

Light has a significant effect on our perception of space. Brighter spaces typically seem larger than they are. Using light and bright colors in the bathroom lets light bounce around, making it brighter and appear larger. Using artificial lights is excellent, but consider letting natural light in through a frosted-glass window or using a lightweight curtain if you have that option.

Add a Mirror

A mirror bounces light around inside a bathroom just as bright colors do. Also, a full-length mirror can make a space seem larger due to the reflections on it by making it seem like there is additional space behind it.

Keep the Floor Clear

The bathroom vanity can make the bathroom feel small and cramped. The same goes for storage space that uses up floor space and whose doors can create a tripping hazard. A floating or pedestal vanity keeps the floor clear, thus giving you more room to work with when using the skink or mirror above it.

Floating storage might require work or a contractor, but it can also help keep the floor clear and everything you need close enough. If you do not want to install floating storage, you can opt for stylish laundry baskets. 

These fit neatly in a corner or beside a vanity, keeping the space organized while staying out of your way. Laundry baskets also make it easier to organize laundry or collect it when you go in for a shower.

Use a Shower Door

Shower curtains are great for ensuring water does not spill onto the bathroom floor, but they essentially divide the bathroom into two spaces, making the space beside the main shower area feel small. Shower doors and enclosures are a great way to solve this issue. 

Shower doors and enclosures also prevent water from spilling but with the added benefit of not making it look like you have two distinct spaces inside the bathroom. You can buy different types of shower doors and enclosures from reputable dealers who specialize in high-quality shower parts.

Use Smaller Tiles

Tiles are durable, add impact to the space they are used in, and can be used from the ceiling to the floor. Using smaller tiles in small bathrooms creates an illusion where the room seems larger. Experts recommend tiles that are one to two inches by four to six inches in dimensions. These smaller tiles are also cheaper but take longer to install.

Make Use of the Ledge

To make the bathroom seem less cluttered, use the ledge in front of a mirror or window for plants, toothbrushes, and other items.

Many people have no choice but to live in houses with small bathrooms. If you are in a home with one, you could make it appear larger using the tips discussed above.

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