Michael Ciminella

Michael Ciminella


It has always been an important query why a person should go for the details of a single person, such as Michael Ciminella. This is surely worth looking into. If we look at history, then we will come to know the details of the people who have made a name for themselves and were standing at the heights of their careers, whether they belonged to the entertainment sector or the general life sector, including business and state affairs has always been the prime concern of the public.

People wanted to make sure that they learned every small detail regarding such personalities to ensure that they become just like them at the end of the day. The fans’ love and enthusiasm drive them to go for the details of any personality. This is why the researchers are also tempted to dive deeper. In this article, you will learn some astonishing facts about Michael Ciminella.

Michael Ciminella is a name worth looking into

In the past few decades, the list of names that need to be searched and admired has increased. Michael Ciminella is also a name on the list. If we take a look, then we will come to know that. Actually, he is a famed businessman and a marketing consultant who made a name for himself after marrying the famed singer Naomi Judd. Also, on the world scale, he is known for being the first husband of the late star

The celebrity spouse

You might be wondering why the name of the celebrity spouse is making so much noise. So let us tell you that it all started with the death of the famed Naomi Judd on April 30th, 2022. A mental illness caused her death. Once she passed away, people started looking into her personal life, and while going through the details from the past, they came across the name Michael Ciminella. This was the moment when he became renowned.

Some personal information

Complete name

Other than being a celebrity spouse, there are not many reasons for him being famous because, just like most business professionals, he tends to keep a low profile. If we talk about the star husband’s full name, we will know that it is Michael C. Ciminella.

The birth details

The details help us understand that the famed husband was born in 1945. Thus, if we make some calculations, we will know that he is 75 years old. Also, since the exact date of birth is absent, details such as the zodiac sign cannot be deduced.

Place of birth, nationality, ethnicity, religion

Now for those who want to know about the place of the birth of the famed husband, the news is not very promising. It is observed that although the records tell us that the star was born in the USA, but the specific location is still missing. Also, if we talk about the personal aspects, the star is an American national. If we wonder about the ethnicity of the star husband, then we will learn that he is White Caucasian. Michael Ciminella is also a believer in Christianity.

The demise of the celebrity spouse

The details have a habit that they always appear. You can not hide them for long enough. Similarly, if we talk about the life status of the famed husband, we will know that the star passed away a couple of years ago. This was shocking news uncovered by the fans of the celebrity wife while looking into the personal profile of her first husband. Also, if we talk about the cause of death, then it would be a natural death. The place of death of the star husband is recorded as Kentucky.

The family details

The family details surely help you build the perfect picture of the famed star in your mind. Thus, if we go through the details, we will know that the famed star husband has not shared many details regarding his personal life.

The name of the mother and other information

Especially if we talk about the name of his father, then it is the most important detail that is still missing. Also, if we talk about the mother’s name, then this is something that we know. The detail tells us that Mary Bernadine Dalton is his mother’s name. Currently, there are not many details regarding whether the star husband has any siblings or not.

The married life

We have already discussed that the famed Michael Ciminella is only known among the public because of his marriage to the famous Naomi Judd. Thus, if we dive into the details of their relationship, we will know that it was in 1964 when the couple got married in a private ceremony.

The divorce

The marriage was perfect, but unfortunately, it ended in 1972. Thus we can say that they have been together for almost 8 years. Also, in such a long marriage time, the couple has a child too.

Ashley Tyler Ciminella

Michael and Naomi have a daughter who is named Ashley Tyler Ciminella or Ashely Judd. The details tell us that the famed daughter was born on April 19th, 1968. Thus we can say that it was only after 4 years of their marriage that they gave birth to a daughter.

The financial details

Being a successful businessman surely brings the public’s attention to your profile. Thus, if we look at the details, we will come to know that the net worth value of the late star husband is a prime question on the internet that the fans have been asking repeatedly.

The net worth value

According to the researchers’ estimation, the number currently stands around the mark of $25 million. This is only an estimated number. Also, his biggest asset is Ashland Aluminium Co. This is from where he made most of his money.

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Michael Ciminella is the person you should search for if you count yourself as a fan of the late Nomi Judd. Although the details are not very strong, but some informational facts will surely blow your mind. We hope that soon new information appears in this regard.

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