Nine Spectacular Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try This Year

Every week, we go through over one thousand mens hairstyles and stylish haircuts for guys. The key to a great hairstyle is understanding your face shape and getting the best barber to style your haircut. The trendiest haircuts for men at the moment include different types of fades, undercuts, and long messy hair.

There is also an emergence of dryer work that creates a more natural, relaxed slicked-back appearance kept in shape by quality matte pomade. This year be extra daring and experiment with different mens hairstyles and haircuts for a brand-new appearance. Choose to look great and get spotted this year!

1.Undercut and Blow Dry

An exquisite men’s hairstyle with great volume and flow. The hair at the top is left tall and shaved at the sides. After washing the hair, blow dry it to the back and front, and then comb it to keep it neat. For a great finish, use hold matte.

2. Short Textured Manes

This is straightforward to style short textured hair that looks stunning when teamed up with beards. After washing your hair, dry it with a towel and apply the product. (Anewcareer) Style your hair in different directions and scrunch it to enhance the movement of your textured manes. It is a cool mens hairstyle for guys who need a versatile look that they can customize whenever they want.

3. Extended Hair Undercut Haircut

This is one of the most preferred mens haircuts. The undercut is among men’s haircuts that will not go away soon. This one is an elegant style with long tresses on the crown and an extended fringe that flows to the chin, paired with big beards and an exciting geometric matrix. For best scissors visit SakiShears

4. Short Haircut with A High Fade

We can confidently say that this is among the best short haircuts for men this year. The style features tidy mid to high fade on all the sides and medium hair at the top that is easy to keep. It is a professional haircut that you can wear to your office, but it is also stylish to wear during weekend parties. 

5. High Fade with Long Hair on Top

This is another beautiful mens haircut that drew inspiration from the standard stacker hairstyle from the 1980s. There is a mid-fade on the sides and long manes at the crown. The extended fringe at the front takes this haircut to the next level. (Diazepam)

6. Medium Length Pompadour

Pompadour haircuts for men are, without a doubt, cool. They provide various ways to style you’re your hair. For instance, this is a medium pompadour that features long front layers that drastically become shorter as you approach the back of the head. You can combine it with a sharp shadow fade for a contemporary look.

7. Hard Part and Clean Fade

Another yet stunning mens haircut that has won the hearts of men. It features a clean fade and mid-hard part styled nicely on top. Use a holding pomade to keep the hair at the front in place, and scrunch the tips with your fingers for increased movement and volume of the haircut.

8. Skin Fade and Spiky Hair

This is an elegant mens haircut with a beautiful shape in the front. This hairstyle is all about the modern style. With it, you can create different cool hairstyles for men. You need a hard water pomade to style the spikes in your desired direction and then add definition.

9. Bald Fade for Curly Hair

Many guys think all hairstyles are difficult to manage when it comes to styling haircuts for curly hair. However, if you choose the right barber, he can style the right haircut that will work for you best. This is one such haircut. The bald haircut is easy to maintain and neat.


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