Online games that will help you feel the full range of emotions

In the gaming industry, there are a number of projects that can allow you to feel a full range of emotions comparable to excitement.

All due to the participation of a large number of players and many gameplay elements that will help you experience a wide range of emotions.

Apex Legends

This is an online shooter that takes the player into the battle royale genre, in which 25 players fight on the game map for the right to survive and remain the only winner in the territory.

You will land on a large area without any weapons and there will be only enemies around you. A bullet can come from anywhere, and to ensure a decent response you need to find weapons and ammunition, and if you are unlucky or cannot find a means of combat in a timely manner, then you will lose and go looking for a new match, and if the match was rated, you can get and reduction.

To ensure stable Apex Legends boosting, you need to constantly kill opponents, or survive as long as possible in matches, even if you don’t win, good positions will allow you to steadily increase your rating and get new leagues and divisions.

You will be able to choose a hero with different skills and not necessarily choose a predictable and pragmatic one, but a bright and interesting one.


A ranged hero who can use defensive mechanics to block damage to you and your allies.

You can use ranged attacks, delivering artillery shelling to the selected area, which will help significantly shift the battle towards defense, or attack, restrain enemies in cover, or vice versa, knock them out of cover.


Master of deception and illusion. You will be able to summon your clones – some will deceive the eyes of your enemies and help you survive longer, which will provide you with time and the opportunity to continue to fight for top one and engage in Apex Legends boosting.

The key feature will be to call your exact copy, which can fight alongside the main character.


This is the most secretive hero who can disappear from sight. This skill allows you not to be a target, but at the same time it is at the forefront of fire, in addition, there are heroes who can sense and see your location and wait for the moment to emerge from invisibility.

The most risky and interesting hero from a mechanical point of view, who will spend a fair amount of nerves due to the need to correctly and skillfully use the strengths of spontaneous exits and attacks, placing spatial points to quickly move between them.


This is the first project that essentially launched the format of the battle royale genre, which became the basis for many similar projects with a new idea.

PUBG uses more classic military simulator mechanics with a slight arcade twist.

You will have a more or less realistic bullet flight and combat mechanics that can result in a random outcome.

The most interesting thing is to play with friends, since PUBG has a game mode for teams of two, three, or four players.

You will decide as a team where exactly to land and what type of battle to use – to organize a cleansing of a large city, or to collect your equipment in small sheds and advance to the point of the final battle. Your task is to survive and destroy other units with weapons and grenades, or avoid battles and destroy all who survive.

In this format, Top 1 is assigned to the entire team, and not to one player – this simplifies the task and increases the rating of all participants at once.

Raids in online games

This is a format that is found in many MMO projects.

Raids use a format that relies on pure luck on the part of all teams that take part.

The concept of the raid is simple and complex at the same time.

You enter a special time zone as part of a group and must defeat the boss and difficult monsters to have a chance to claim truly valuable and random rewards that are often difficult or impossible to obtain in any other way.

A good example of such a game is World of Warcraft.

By focusing on raids, you allow yourself to rely on action and luck instead of systematic crafting, or the accumulation of materials and resources.

The main problem and excitement of raids lies in two points:

  1. You can always lose, even at the final stage of the game, simply because of a personal mistake, or the wrong actions of other raid members, and the higher the difficulty level, the more careful and concentrated you need to be.
  2. You won’t always get really valuable items, and this is the most important factor of luck.

For example, you will be lucky, and you will get a legendary weapon that will significantly enhance the potential of your hero, but a rare accessory that occupies a separate character slot and contains the power of the boss will not be available to everyone and will not always drop from the chapter of the dungeon and due to this its value will be highlighted on the entire game server and form the price for which it can be sold to other players.

Conclusions on emotions in online games

Online games have their own unique format, which can bring a special experience and emotions that no single player game can give.

Horror games or projects aimed at an online component will help with this, in which you can get a bullet at any moment, and you need to maintain control of your attention on the environment

Playing alone, or in a team in projects of the PUBG level, or choose agents and provide yourself with Apex Legends boosting.

If your task and main desire is to place a big bet on luck, then projects that focus on this mechanic will suit you, where players go to the same difficult raids many times with an optional victory factor due to difficulties and opportunities to die in an instant.

Such raids will provide an opportunity to earn truly unique items, but only with luck, because the chance will be minimal and because of this, the main cost of such a drop is formed and the player who gets them first will have the opportunity to really get rich.

The best projects with a raid system can be called World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy 14.

It is best to play such projects with friends – it simplifies all tasks and gameplay and adds manageability to any content, because they become understandable, predictable and communicative due to communication during gameplay. This will help, primarily in shooters, to understand the points of threat and the overall plans of the team and the actions of the opponents. For raid games, this is an opportunity to track the boss’s actions.

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