OPPO Warranty Check

OPPO Warranty Check


Modern times are filled with innovation; most of the time, innovation is thanks to smartphones. OPPO is one of the leading smartphone brands. OPPO warranty check is also one of the leading queries on the internet. Warranty is the major perk you are offered while you purchase a product, especially if the product you are buying is expensive, then the factor of warranty has huge importance.

Since we all know that smartphones are the most necessary electronic accessory in modern times, therefore, the warranty factor is a must to look at in detail. Although the use of mobile phones is quite common, but there is still a huge sector of the population that is unaware of the basic details and using methods. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned all the details step by step that will help you get the insight regarding your smartphone’s warranty

OPPO smartphones are the trending topic

OPPO is one of the leading smartphone brands in the world. Especially in countries where people cannot afford high-end or flagship smartphones, OPPO smartphones have been a blessing. You might be craving for the reason behind this, so let us tell you that the OPPO smartphones have lower price tags than the ones manufactured by some of the major electronics brands.

The price comparison

If you compare the prices of the OPPO and Apple smartphones, then you will find the price ratio to be at least 1:3. This is much higher than anticipated. This is why the people who need a smartphone and are unable to get one because of the higher price tags shoot for the OPPO smartphones. They will offer you all the major specifications that you desire from your smartphone at a price that is quite nominal and perfect for your wallet.

A software analysis

Just like most modern-day smartphones, the OPPO smartphones are also making use of Android software, which is easy to use and much more flexible than the iOS software utilized by Apple devices. Also, the number of applications for the android softwares are numerous, giving you high-functioning capability.

OPPO warranty check

Now you will be anxious to know about the details that will lead you to the answer regarding the warranty of your smartphone. Thus, if we go through the available details, we will learn that the IMEI is the basic requirement for checking the warranty status of any smartphone.

The determination of the IMEI number

Most of the time, people are aware of the IMEI number or have it inscribed among the important details. Some people might not know about this particular string of numbers, so below, we have mentioned different methods for determining the IMEI number.

1.      Getting IMEI from packaging

The first and easiest step of the IMEI determination is locating it on the smartphone’s packaging. Every smartphone packaging box has its unique IMEI number inscribed upon it. Also, there is a pamphlet regarding the smartphone inside the box that also has these details.

2.      Getting IMEI from the dialer

If there is no packaging box available, then the next thing that you should do is open the system-associated dialer. Once the dialer is open, all you have to do is enter a string of numbers that is “*#06#”. Now press the call button. After hitting the ok button, the system will immediately provide you with the unique IMEI number associated with your device.

3.      Getting IMEI from the settings

Last but not least, there is another way that will help you in getting your hands on the IMEI number of your smartphone. All you have to do is open your phone’s Settings and locate the option “About Phone”. In this section, among many options, you will find the Smartphone Status option. Click on it, and after selecting it, another window will appear in which you can get the IMEI number.

4.      The point to ponder

Let us tell you one small fact about checking the warranty of your smartphone with the help of your IMEI number. There are two different IMEI numbers for every device, but if you want to check the warranty status, you will have to put in the IMEI 1.

The checking from the official web support

The official website of OPPO support is where you can check your warranty status. You will have to provide the IMEI number. Later you might be asked to put in a verification code for authentication purposes. Once this process is complete, you just have to click the Check button, and all the details regarding the phone will appear in front of you. The details that you will come across are:

  • The IMEI number
  • The date of expiration
  • The region of the application

You can tally the date, and as a result, you will learn the status of the smartphone’s warranty in your hand.

The significance of the Warranty determination

Now you might be wondering why it is important for a person to know about the warranty status of the smartphone he or she is using. So let us tell you that it helps you out in case of any fault. You can check whether the warranty covers the prevailing issue or not.

The second-hand smartphone

If you are going to purchase a smartphone that has already been in use, then the details will surely help you understand that what is the usage status of the phone in question and whether it has any warranty left or not. Also, it will let you know about the time period for which it has been used.

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OPPO warranty checking option has helped the users a lot in case of malfunctioning. Now they can easily claim the warranty if the prevailing issue falls under the warranty banner offered by the said manufacturer. Also, it allows users to use smartphones without any second thoughts.

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