How to Recreate Oriental Poppies Painting?

oriental poppies painting

Every time you look for an inspiration to paint, you look for work done by famous painters to understand conceptualization. Flower fascinated famous painters Georgia O’Keeffe and her Oriental Poppies Painting gave her recognition and fame. Here browse around this site , we will tell you all about this painter and her concepts for inspiration.

Who is Georgia O’Keeffe?

Georgia O’Keeffe or Georgia Totto O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887. She was an American artist and was best known for painting enlarged flowers, New Mexico landscapes, and New York skyscrapers. Georgia is referred to as the Mother of American Modernism.

Flowers fascinated the painter and those were her favorite subject on the canvas. She has been fond of poppies, lilies, irises, jimson weeds, and petunias. This is how the famous oriental poppies painting took shape and gave her critical appreciation. She pained this canvas in 1928 and the stunning piece of art was declared a groundbreaking masterpiece.

Oriental Poppies Painting by Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia was fond of abstract paintings and she wanted to bring that out even by painting flowers. She explored the elements of colors, textures, and shapes. The painter used to look for things that were prominent in individual flowers and how to bring them out with intricate detailing. She was always preoccupied with simple forms of painting and tried to make them look ecstatic. The painter loved bold colors that could be carefully modulated but naturally looks flat.

The oriental poppies painting by O’Keeffe exhibits two giant poppy flowers. The oil painting of 30″ x 40 is an explosion of vibrant colors in a huge canvas. You can make out the mesmerizing effect of the artwork from the image itself.

The painter used dazzling shades of orange and red to color the petals. For the hollowed center and the inner contours, the flower had tones of deep purple. The art was mastered with skillful shading and had a velvety finish that brought out the vibrancy of petals.

The painting looks like a close-up image because O’Keeffe didn’t add any background to the painting. It artfully draws all your focus on the flowers. The absence of context in the paintings present under a new light and they look abstract yet real. The painting creates a startling pull like it is casting hypnotic spells on you.

The story behind creating the Oriental Poppies Painting

Georgia believed that people don’t have time to glance at flowers due to their fast-paced life. If she can think in this way in her era, in 2019, this is even more legit. The painter wanted people to observe the exquisiteness of flowers. She wanted busy people to pause and find the essence of beauty in flowers.

She said that anyone who doesn’t feel the crosses doesn’t get that country. If she can paint flowers exactly as she sees it, no one will see what she sees because she will not paint them as small as the flowers really are. The painter said to herself that she will paint what she sees and create it in a way to surprise people – they were unnaturally big and intricate to make people stop and have a glance. She was adamant to make busy New Yorkers take time to see the beauty of flowers.

Georgia’s ability to capture the beauty that goes unobserved by people made her win National Medal of Arts and Presidential Medal of Freedom. She also got elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letter. In today’s date, the famous painting of oriental poppies is kept at the University of Minnesota Art Museum, Minneapolis. It gives inspiration to several aspiring artists and many of them want to try painting it themselves.

Reasons to try Oriental Poppies Painting

Just like Georgia had her reasons to create this kind of art, you too must ask yourself why you want to do it. Any type of art form cannot flourish without the reason that drives you to do it. If you’re specifically looking for a driving force to try this painting over others, we will tell you why you should:

1. Vibrant

Most people love to draw flowers, petals or floral patterns as they are vibrant. They make you happy due to the bright colors and you enjoy doing what you do.

2. De-stressing

You might be already using your favorite hobby as a de-stressing activity. But when you choose a painting like this, it makes you happier and also reduces stress. The beautiful floral petals will take away all the worries in the world.

3. Pause and observe

While you’re trying to look into the details of the original painting, you will actually wait and awe at the beauty of flowers. It not only serves the purpose that made Georgia do this painting, but it also lets you appreciate nature.

4. Spread the purpose

Once you take out time to appreciate the beauty of nature, you must allow others to do it too. Not everyone knows who Georgia O’Keeffe was or the painting she was famous for. You need to introduce people around to serve the purpose she started.

5. Perfect for beginners

If you’re a beginner at trying to recreate famous paintings, the oriental poppies can be the easiest to start. Most famous paintings are complex, but Georgia very simply won people’s heart because she had a great concept and vision.

How to DIY the Oriental Poppies Painting?

You need the correct blend of orange, vermilion, black, lavender, and maroon colors to recreate your version of oriental poppies. Focus on making the petals large and add depth with every stroke.

There are several tutorials on YouTube that can help you recreate the painting done by Georgia. If you have the knack of painting, you might already know how to go about it. Simply gift yourself a large canvas and experiment with bright colors.

To add a different touch to the identical painting, you can move to a different type of color. You can use pencils, crayons, pastels, or any other type of painting material instead of an oil painting. The process will not only make the art piece look alike but also add your personal touch.

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