Personalized Animal Action Book for Toddlers

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It is so important for every parent to introduce the amazing world with all its diversity to their child. The more children know about the environment, the more comfortable they feel in it.

Though, when it comes to toddlers, it is often complicated to convey the information to them. How to make the first steps in getting to know the world interesting? Personalized books for kids from LionStory are a perfect solution.

LionStory Animal Action Books for Children  

An animal action book is a great way to show your child the impressive variety of creatures living on this planet. The book makes the acquaintance with the world simple and exciting since the process is like a game.  

What the LionStory animal action book offers:

  • 22 animals from different geographical regions (fox, snail, rabbit, giraffe, dolphin, etc.)
  • Bright illustrations on each page
  • Large letters and legible font
  • Simple phrases in English
  • Safe thick pages

So, LionStory makes the learning process as easy as possible. In addition, the book reading is perceived as a trip full of interesting adventures and encounters with attractive animals. Children enjoy the entertainment even not recognizing that they develop their language skills and learn the names and looks of new unfamiliar creatures.

Personalization of the Book

The best way to get the child’s attention and keep their focus on the book longer is to personalize the book.

LionStory provides a chance for your child to find themselves inside their favorite book. Thus, it is possible to personalize the main character of the story.

How to do the character personalization:

  • Select Boy or Girl character.
  • Choose the skin and hair color.
  • Type the child’s name.

Now, your child can recognize themselves in the cute illustrations inside the book and get even more enjoyment from the acquaintance with animals. 

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