Phil Mickelson Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Phil Mickelson has an estimated net worth of $300 million. Phil Mickelson is recognized as a professional golfer in America. With his exceptional expertise in sports, he has received countless accolades. Having a lengthy athletic career, Phil Mickelson has earned substantial wealth.

Over 30 years of experience, Phil Mickelson has left a perpetual mark in the sports industry. As he is a legendary golf player, he has earned a massive name and fame throughout his professional career.

Following his expertise, his fans and followers want to know about Phil Mickelson net worth, personal life, and professional life. In this article, we will illustrate a single picture of Phil Mickelson. To gather more information, let’s dive into the content.

Key Points about Phil Mickelson Net Worth

Name Phil Mickelson
Net Worth $300 million
Annual Revenue $40 million
Date of Birth June 16, 1970
Place of Birth San Diego, California
Age 53 Years
Nationality American
Profession Professional Golf Player

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

As of 2023, Phil Mickelson has a high-yielding net worth of $300 million. Though his prime source of net worth is sports, Phil owns multiple sources to increase his net worth. In addition, Phil Mickelson has accumulated numerous awards and honors for his proficiency in sports.

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

Having a golfing mastermind, he became one of the finest athletes in America. According to some sources, Phil Mickelson earns approximately $40 million annually. In addition, his monthly earnings are $3 million. When Phil Mickelson was at the peak of his career, he collected $80 to $100 million.

The Growth of Phil Mickelson Net Worth

2023 $300 million
2022 $270 million
2021 $250 million
2020 $220 million
2019 $200 million
2018 $150 million

The Sources of Phil Mickelson Net Worth 

As Phil Mickelson is an iconic figure in America, he owns multiple ventures and garners a massive amount. Aside from his sports career, he has collaborated with multiple brands and reputed companies.

Some of his earning sources are highlighted below:


As Phil Mickelson is a professional golf player, he has collected a handsome amount from sports. Phil Mickelson’s prize money has added to his net worth. Throughout his career, he has garnered over $100 in competition rewards. Additionally, in June 2022, he collected $200 million from the Saudi-backed LIV league.


After becoming an iconic figure, Phil has collaborated with multiple brands, including Ford Motors, Rolex watches, KPMG, and Ford Motors. According to some reports, he has collected approximately $50 million from his endorsement deals.

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

In addition, he has collaborated with Titleist, Amgen, Grayhawk, and Intrepid Financial Partners. Moreover, endorsement deals have a significant contribution to Phil Mickelson net worth.


Besides his flourishing sports career, Phil Mickelson is a renowned investor, who invested in multiple reputed organizations and companies. In addition, he owned several profitable businesses, which added value to Phil Mickelson’s net worth.

Early Life and Education

The maiden name of Phil Mickelson is Philip Alfred Mickelson, and he was born on June 16, 1970, in San Diego, California. Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, Phil Mickelson mastered the golf-playing skill from his father. In addition, he adopted his father’s left-handed style and became a professional golf player.

Due to his unwavering dedication, he soon established himself as a professional player. Furthermore, after winning multiple awards, his demand was increasing in the sports industry. In 1998, Phil Mickelson completed his graduation from the University of San Diego High School.

Personal Life

Phil Mickelson met with Amy during their college period. After having a long-term relationship, the couple married in 1996. In addition, Phil and Amy were blessed with three children.

Professional Life

With his extraordinary talent, Phil Mickelson became an accomplished athlete. In addition, he has created a history as a revered golfer. He started his journey in the late 1990s and emerged with a golf career. In 1991, Phil Mickelson won the PGA tour and was marked as a prominent athlete in America.

After attaining minor success, Phil Mickelson displayed his talent continuously. His left-handed style was a unique signature that amazed the people. Phil’s individualistic touch set him apart from other players and brought him enormous recognition worldwide.

Phil Mickelson Achievements and Awards

Phil Mickelson is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in America. Following her immense success, he has received a number of accolades. His outstanding sportsmanship, unique tactics, and philanthropic contributions made him more popular. He made his fortune through his professional career.

Some of his achievements are mentioned below:

  1. Masters Tournament Championship three times.
  2. PGA Championship
  3. The Open Championship
  4. PGA Tour Wins
  5. Ryder Cup
  6. Ben Hogan Award
  7. Haskins Award
  8. Payne Stewart Award
  9. Byron Nelson Award
  10. Vardon Trophy
  11. President Cup

Phil Mickelson’s Assets

As a millionaire, Phil Mickelson has made an empire of assets, including houses, mansions, and cars. He owns multiple luxury houses which are situated in Arizona, Texas, Manhattan, San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles.


Besides, he has branded cars in his collection. Such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Bentley, and Maybach. Moreover, Phil Mickelson owns a high-profile real estate portfolio.

FAQ about Phil Mickelson Net Worth

What is the net worth of Phil Mickelson?

As of 2023, Phil Mickelson net worth is estimated to be $300 million.

What is the highest position Phil Mickelson gained throughout his career?

Throughout his career, he held the position of 2nd in the world rankings of golf players.

What is the annual revenue of Phil Mickelson?

According to different sources, the annual revenue of Phil Mickelson is $40 million.

What is the nationality of Phil Mickelson?

The nationality of Phil Mickelson is American.

How old is Phil Mickelson?

As of 2023, Phil Mickelson is 53 years old.

Final Thoughts

Phil Mickelson’s career became more illustrious and set an example of dedication. During his peak time, Phil Mickelson has garnered numerous accolades and added value to his net worth. As an accomplished player, he has shown his expertise many times.

Beyond that, he has collected numerous awards and honors. As an iconic character in America, his journey to triumph teaches us to chase after our dreams, no matter what the situation is. Moreover, as a sportsman, he tried his best to accomplish his ultimate goal.

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