Philip Von Bernstorff

Philip Von Bernstorff


Sometimes people are recognized for their actions, and other times they are famed once they are married to a famous personality. Similarly, the name Philip Von Bernstorff has been making noise for a while. Therefore, if we take a look, we will know that he owns a successful career. But this is not all. He is famous nowadays for his wedding to one of the most important and renowned journalists, Clarissa Ward.

This name will surely ring some bells because Clarissa is one of the most successful journalists on CNN. Therefore, several eyes were looking at the details of her wedding, and people wanted to know more about the lucky man who would become her life partner. Philip is also a handsome man, and if we talk about his career, you will be surprised to know that he is a Former Television producer and a fund manager.

Thus, we can say that he has a versatile profile. Since this was a star wedding, people wanted to know more about the husband of the famous journalist. This article will surely provide you with the details you require.

Philip Von Bernstorff Early Life

Most of the personalities who recently entered the circle of fame have limited information regarding them available on the internet. This is why the public tends to ask more questions about them. Thus, if we take a look, we will know that one of the most anticipated details about the star husband is his education life. Many people want to know about his educational qualifications. But there are seldom who know about it.

Although the internet is filled with such information, they are all fake. Thus, if we stick to his wife’s statement, then she in an interview told that her husband is a well-educated person and his degrees are numerous. But still, she failed to share any information that would help deduce the early life of the star husband. Currently, there is no certified information available in this regard.

Philip Von Bernstorff Age

Age is the most important detail about the life of a person. People can easily judge your social and professional caliber if your age is known. But without the figure of the age, judging a person’s personality can be extremely difficult. If we talk about the star husband in question, then Philip Von Bernstorff has not yet shared any details such as his date of birth, age, or place of birth that will help us out in deducing how old he is currently.

The only thing that we can do is rely on deductions and approximations. Thus, according to the details available about his wife, it is evident that she is 41 years old. Since his wife is 41, we can surely say that he is higher in age than her wife. Also, there are several photos of Philip available on the internet. If we look at these photos, we can say that he is standing between a mark of 43 to 46 years of his age. But still, these are only approximations and deductions based on the available data. The original age is yet to be confirmed by the star husband.

Philip Von Bernstorff Marriage

We all have established the fact and know that Philip is married to one of the most famous CNN journalists. But how they ended up together is a question worth answering. So, if we look at the available details, then we will come to know that they met for the very first time in their life at a dinner party that was arranged in Moscow.

Philip Von Bernstorff Marriage

Philip passed on a remark about the profession of Clarissa Ward that, according to his views, “War correspondents are egomaniacs”. He tried to be sarcastic, but the message was perceived wrongly at the other end. This particular moment between them developed into instant love at the first meeting. They witnessed each other several times over the years, but after nine years of their first meeting, they got married. The marriage of Philip and Clarissa was conducted at London’s Chelsea Old Town Hall.

The Offspring Of The Couple

Many want to know whether Clarissa and Philip have any children or not. Since as of 2022, their wedding has been over five years. ( Therefore, we can safely say that you should be ready to know that the couple has two lovely children. According to the details, the names of the children are:

  • Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour
  • Caspar Hugo Augustus Idris

Ezra is reportedly the first-born child of the family, whereas, on the other hand, Caspar is known to be the second born of the family. If we take a look, we will know that the first-born Ezra was born almost one and a half years after their marriage on 2 March 2018. But if we talk about the second born, then Caspar was born on 29 June 2020, almost three and a half years after the couple’s marriage.

The Careers Of Philip And Clarissa

We all know that Clarissa is a famed journalist from CNN. But one might lose touch over time. But this is not the case when we talk about the famous Clarissa. Since the tension on the border of Ukraine has developed and the situation between Russia and Ukraine is getting tensed, therefore, she is again making her name in the news.

The Careers Of Philip And Clarissa

Also, if we take a look at the details of her husband, then we will come to know that for three years between 2009 to 2012, Philip served as Fund Manager for Atradis Fund management. Later on, he became a businessman, and currently, you will find him working under the title of Portfolio Manager at a company named Vulpes Investment Management.


Philip Von Bernstorff and his wife are successful in their lives. The details help us understand that Philip has a net worth between $4 to $10 million, and Clarissa has a net worth between $1 to $5 million. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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