Preparing your hair for Colour – the Dos and Don’ts.

hair for Colour

Variety is the spice of life. Changing up your appearance is a wonderful way to shrug off some negative emotions and give yourself a new shine and sparkle. Now, we are not advocating changing your look because you think other people will like it; oh no! We are all about self-empowerment here at City Gold Media. Give yourself some pamper time with a change that allows you to sit back and relax a little while you take stock of where you are and where you want to go. 

Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes    

A quick scroll through Youtube will quickly net you thousands of make-up tutorials. Contouring, blending, and shading are all great ways to change your appearance, but unless you are happy to spend some serious time in front of the mirror every day to achieve your new look, it’s maybe not the most relaxing route to self-care.

Hair self-care is where it is at! A change of hair colour is an instant mood lifter. The thought of a drastic change can be intimidating; if you are not necessarily after a permanent change, a brush with semi-permanent hair dye could be just what you are after.

Typically lasting between 10-12 washes, there is no bleach in the dye itself; instead, the colour layers on top of your existing colour. The colour you end up with will vary depending on your hair’s natural shade. 

Before you reach for the gloves and bottle of dye, please read up on our list of dying dos and don’ts. They will give your new look an extra shine and keep it looking good for longer!

Before you dye!

Do a patch test

Always do a patch test first. Yes, we know it means delaying everything by 24-48 hours, but allergic reactions are no joke. Even if you have used a product before, it can still be worth doing a patch test to ensure you have not developed an allergy since the last time you used it (which can genuinely happen).

Don’t wash your hair the day of

Avoid washing your hair on the day of the big dye job. The natural oils produced by your hair play an important part in taking up the new colour. Freshly cleaned hair will be too clean, and the colour won’t develop. 

Use a clarifying shampoo (just not on the day of the dye job!)

The last time you shampoo your hair, use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any build-up on your scalp and hair before colouring. The clarifying shampoo will eliminate any residue from hair products, daily grime, and pollutants that may have built up on your locks. 

Don’t forget the Vaseline!

Coloured hair is good, coloured ears and scalp line not so much! Don’t forget to cover any exposed skin that could get dripped on with Vaseline. Any dye will slide right off so you can concentrate on your hair looking good rather than how you can hide cosmic blue-tinted ears!

After You Dye!

Do wait 48 hours before washing

So you followed all the instructions, rinsed and now have fabulously coloured hair. The new you is shining from within! To let your colour truly sink in, you will want to wait 48 hours before washing your hair again, which gives the colour time to develop further. 

Don’t rinse with warm water

Once you start washing your hair again, avoid rinsing with hot water. Lukewarm or cool water will prevent early fading. Cool water is also a good idea to rinse the dye out of your hair.

Do use specialist shampoo and conditioner

Treat your colour well, and it will stick around for longer. By using shampoos and conditioners designed for colour-treated hair, you are supporting your natural hair and its new colour.

Don’t sit in the sun

We all love a bit of sunshine, the glorious heat, a nice tan, perhaps. If you have just dyed your hair, though, don’t go near it! The UV from the sun will quickly suck the shine from your newly coloured hair. If you are lucky enough to live in a climate where the sun is a given most days, be sure to cover up your hair if you will be outside for extended periods. 

Now that you know the best ways to keep your hair looking luxurious and luscious, it’s time to choose the colour! What will you go for? A discreet shade change or something different from your everyday look?

Before we leave you to start experimenting with colours, there is the most important ‘do’ of all… Do follow the instructions for the hair dye. If it says to leave it on for 20 minutes- leave it for 20 minutes, not 25, not 15, but 20. Trust us, and your hair will thank you for it!


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