Repurposing Summer Staples for Your Fall Wardrobe

It can feel bittersweet when you reach that time of year where you can no longer deny that summer is fading into fall. Not only does Labor Day signify the official end of summer events, festivities, and mindset, but soon enough the sunny summer heat turns into crisp, cool, autumn weather. It might seem as though you have to leave all traces of summer behind as you head into the fall. While you can certainly bring your fall clothing back to the front of your closet, you don’t need to completely pack away your summer clothes. Summer clothing is mainly distinctive for its moisture-wicking material, bright colors, and less coverage of fabric (since it’s too hot in the summer to cover up). These features are desirable in fall clothing as well, except that you’ll want to add extra layers over top of your outfits to stay warm in chilly weather. The good news for all summer lovers is that you can repurpose your favorite summer staples this fall! In fact, there are several pieces that are especially perfect to carry with you into the upcoming season. 

Keep reading to learn how you can revamp your best summer clothes as the weather changes so you don’t need to say goodbye to your summer essentials (or shop for an entirely new wardrobe this fall).

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses essentially refer to any lightweight, generally light-colored dress that can be worn in summer time. You certainly don’t have to say goodbye to this wardrobe staple in the fall. Summer dresses can be worn all year if you follow strategic styling for warmth and season. This autumn, try adding tights, boots, and a cropped jacket to your favorite summer dresses and you’re guaranteed to get compliments on your cute fall dress.


You probably love adding your favorite kimonos over your swimsuit or tank top or dress. While kimonos are often made from lightweight material ideal for summer weather, a quality kimono can navigate the seasons with you. And if you’re someone who loves kimonos and is looking to add more to your collection, you can find kimonos in heavy materials that are perfect for fall, such as velvet, wool, denim, and knits. 


Sandals are the best footwear for the beach and barbeques, but they can also follow you into the fall if you style them right. Rather than slip on your sandals with your swimsuit or shorts, add them to your pants and sweater outfit, or your favorite jumpsuit. In fact, dressy heeled sandals look great with work clothes and can be worn for as long as the weather holds up. 

Graphic Tees

Those soft, perfectly worn-in graphic tees that you love to wear with your cutoff shorts are  just as wonderful when worn with fall clothing. A fall outfit you can’t go wrong with is your favorite graphic tee tucked into high waisted jeans, paired with a light jacket and a cute purse. With this basic outfit silhouette, you can create plenty of depth and variety personalized to you. 

Lightweight Pants

While you probably mainly rock shorts in the summer, it’s important to also own a few pairs of lightweight pants for days when you want to cover up but still stay cool and breezy. Whether these are cargo pants, joggers, flowy wide leg pants, or chinos, lightweight bottoms are ideal for both summer and fall. You can pair them with your favorite sweater and a jacket on cooler days, or with a tee or long sleeve top when the sun is shining.

And if you want to add a bit more glam, you can dress them up with cute enamel pins that have been popping up everywhere. Have fun mixing and matching your lightweight pants with the right accessories to show off your unique style. 

Staple Tank Tops

Quality tank tops are always staples and should absolutely accompany you into every season, even when they’re being worn under all your other clothes. You can layer your favorite tank tops as much as you want to stay warm and still trendy. During those first several weeks between summer and fall when the weather is uncertain, layering is a wise wardrobe choice. ( Start with your basic tank top and add t-shirts, button downs, cardigans, jackets, and finally, coats, until you’re firmly situated in fall weather. 

Tote Bags

You love taking your big tote bag to the beach filled with all your essentials—sunglasses, water, lip balm, hair ties, sunscreen, a book, airpods, etc. But although you probably won’t be hanging at the beach as much this fall, you’ll still have plans where it helps to be prepared with all your favorite items. You can keep your go-to essentials with you in your tote bag this fall by simply adding this piece to your outfits. But you may want to stock your tote with a scarf and beanie too! It can be sad to say goodbye to your favorite summer staples when the seasons transition. However, these clothing essentials can go with you into the fall if you simply remember to style them with an eye on warmth and adaptability. Don’t put away your favorite pieces just yet, but let yourself wear them for longer!

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