Retired Singles – How to Retain your Independence

If your soulmate has passed on, leaving you to face life on your own, it can be a challenge to stay motivated and, in this article, we offer practical advice on ways that you can retain your independent lifestyle. Your children probably worry about you living alone, which is perfectly understandable, especially if you live in a remote region, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to retain your independent lifestyle.

Personal alarms for seniors

Technology has enabled the emergence of personal alarms; if you like to hike, wearing a fall detection watch in Australia means you have direct real-time contact with a healthcare professional. 

The many benefits of wearing a fall detection watch

This multi-functional device offers the wearer the following benefits;

  • Be confident and stay active – When you are wearing a fall detection watch, you can go about your daily tasks without the worry of what might happen is you experience a fall.
  • Peace of mind – It isn’t only the wearer who has peace of mind, their family are also happy as they know the wearer is protected by a failsafe care system that works automatically if the wearer is disabled for any reason.
  • Heart monitor – A heart monitor is built into the watch, providing the wearer with up-to-date data on their heart’s performance. Two-way communication enables the wearer to call for assistance no matter where they are; an emergency team can be called on 24/7, should the need arise, and with GPS tracking, finding the wearer is never an issue. Click here for a step-by-step process to claim for personal injury.
  • Safety without compromising freedom – That’s what you have when you put on a fall detection watch and none of your family will be concerned about your welfare with a state-of-the-art digital device that alerts the authorities in the event of a fall. Your freedom and independence are no longer under threat; it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Subscription service

When you invest in a fall detection watch, you need to subscribe to the online 24/7 healthcare network, which can be used at any time. The watch is fitted with a GPS tracker, so even if the wearer loses consciousness, the emergency services can pinpoint their precise location. If you have an elderly parent who is very active, a fall detection watch is the perfect gift for the coming Christmas; set aside a few dollars per month for the subscription and your mum/dad can explore to their heart’s desire, safe in the knowledge they are being monitored 24/7.

When you reach that magical retirement age, this is a time when you can do all of the things you couldn’t do when working and if you are living alone, why not invest in a fall detection watch and retain your independence?

All it takes to find a supplier’s website is a Google search, then you can read about the service and when you are ready, make a purchase.


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