Shine Out Effortlessly All The Time With Elegant White Gold Jewellery

Elegant White Gold Jewellery

Its luxurious name and comparatively lower price tag make White gold a popular choice for making jewellery. Apart from its bling factor, white gold is often preferred over silver as it is malleable enough to make delicate, intricate pieces. Although elegant white gold jewellery is in a white shade, it is made of the more common and original shade of yellow gold. However, due to being cheaper than platinum and more valuable than silver, it is often used for wedding rings, chains, or any items of jewellery desired for regular wear. More specifically, pieces in 14K and 18K gold are more durable and ideal for daily wear and rough usage, while 22K is ideal for special occasions only.

The breathtaking ethnic designs of white gold jewellery reflect your sophisticated preferences, while the fancy designs help keep in touch with contemporary fashion trends. Easy to care for and smooth in touch, elegant white gold jewellery can match up with any stylish ensemble to draw all eyes on you.

What is elegant white gold jewellery?

Although white gold was crafted by two alchemists in Germany in 1710, it came into use much later in the 1920s. The white metal used in the white gold alloy is usually silver, nickel, or palladium, giving the metal its unique characteristics.

Styles of elegant White gold jewelry

Whether embellished with gorgeous jewels or exudes a strong character with an effervescent range of unembellished pieces, each of your White gold jewelry can be treasured for generations. Here are some different styles of white gold jewellery for a timeless and exquisite look:

  1. White Gold Ring

White gold is mostly used for wedding and engagement rings because it can always amplify the look of the diamond while its neutral color matches the taste of both men and women.

  1. White Gold Necklace

A slender white gold necklace highlighted with sparkling diamonds goes with your entire wardrobe and suits all occasions. It can be electroplated with rhodium or finished with an e-coating.

  1. White Gold Chain & Pendant

Showcase your unique personal style with a timeless and delicate white gold chain updated with a pretty pendant that can be secured with a spring-ring clasp.

  1. White Gold Earrings

A pair of statement earrings in white gold can be your comfortable companion for any special occasion. Choose between dainty stud earrings or classy chandeliers cast in 18 Karat White Gold to look like a fashionable diva.

  1. White Gold Bangle

A sleek gleaming bangle in white gold and finished with a tapered array of zirconia details can win instant compliments. Wear it alone or stack it up with other pieces for a complete look.

Always make an informed decision before making an investment in a white gold piece as they look very similar to silver. High karat white gold alloys are far less susceptible to corrosion than sterling silver or pure silver. So, buying white gold jewellery from a reputed shop is the safest bet so as to ensure its optimum quality.

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