Signs It’s Time For a New Vinyl Siding Installation

The first defense against pests and damaging weather is your sidings. If your siding is damaged, you are putting your house at risk. While siding replacement can be a significant investment, the best thing about it is you only need to do it once. Thus, hiring professionals to do it right the first time makes more sense. If you are unsure whether you need siding repair or siding replacement, here are some signs to tell you that you need to replace your home’s siding.

Cracked, Warped, or rotting siding

Your siding is one of the biggest exposed parts of your house. If you have cracked, warped, or rotting sidings, it does not only damage your home’s curb appeal. Those little cracks could turn big if not addressed right away. The widespread damage may get worse and can damage your entire house. 

Blisters or bubbles on your siding

Do you see blisters or bubbles on your siding? Bubbles and blisters are signs that your siding has a moisture problem. You may want to take steps by having siding repair before the damage spreads. If left unaddressed, this could turn into a bigger problem. Call professional siding contractors to assess your siding condition.

Fungus, mold, or mildew on your siding

While some mildew and fungus are harmless, you must be wary that any growth on your siding should be removed. Moisture indicates that there is water penetrating your siding. This shows that there is moisture in your siding, and that’s why these substances could grow. 

Severely faded siding 

Check the color of your siding. Faded siding is unsightly and can be a sign that the lifespan of your siding is on its last leg and it’s not doing its part to protect your home from heat, waterproofing, and other damages. Consider having a siding installation as soon as possible. Our reliable siding contractors can help you choose the best available siding option. 

Siding in need of frequent painting

Consider siding materials with minimal maintenance and long-lasting colors. Average home siding requires painting every eight to ten years. (Ambien) If your siding requires frequent painting, consider replacing it. 

Higher energy bills 

Old siding cannot insulate your home, so your HVAC system needs to work harder to maintain a comfortable home inside your home, resulting in skyrocketing bills. New siding installation will help you save more energy bills. 

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