Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired

Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired


A person’s curiosity is the only thing that makes you feel alive. Getting to know more about the Tennessee Cigna nurse fired and similar other details will help you understand that there are thousands of people out there who do not compromise on ethical and moral fronts. Thus, if we take a look, we will come to know that modernization has destroyed society’s ethics and moral values, and people forget their obligations.

In these dark times, some instances help us think otherwise and feel that there is still a ray of hope for the survival of society. Social media platforms are the most powerful tools in the modern-day world. Still, they are only powerful if you deem them so because the nature of the response that you get depends entirely on what your input is in this scenario.

Recently the world has witnessed a huge example of love and empathy in the days of the surge of the global pandemic. The response of all the sectors of life and the people associated with them was marvelous. But some instances help you think that society lacks empathy. In this article, you will find every detail regarding the Tennessee Cigna nurse fired.

Why Is Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired?

The moral values of our society and every culture on the planet teach us that a person should show empathy towards the person suffering from a particular situation. Now many experts are talking about the nurse who was fired from the job and want to know the reason behind this decision so let us tell you that the nurse’s name is Erika Casher.

Why Is Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired?

The reason for her presence 

She was attending the Tennessee school board meeting, and the issue under discussion was reading the implementation of the mask mandate. Since this was an important issue, students were also given the liberty to provide their insights. A student came to the stand and told the audience how her grandmother suffered from the pandemic and died.

Precautionary measurement event

Thus giving stress on why the precautionary measurements are is important. But while he was sharing his worst experiences and sufferings, the audience witnessed Erika Casher, who was also attending the event, laughing at the boy. The photos of her laughing went instantly viral on the internet. Thus leading to a campaign that called for her to be judged accordingly.

An Insight Into The Matter Of The Video Of The Event On Social Media

The video of the event in which the whole phenomenon was recorded was shared on social media, and it spread like fire all over the place. If we talk about the contents of the video, then we will come to know that there is a masked boy in the video named Grady Knox, who belongs to Rutherford County. He was sharing his life experience by taking the instance of his grandmother’s death.

Emphasizing preventive care

He also emphasized how necessary it is to take precautionary measures and actions in all the public places, including the schools, and outside by every person, including the staff and the students. Since every person is a potential risk for another person, thus to make sure that your loved ones are safe is important that a person sticks to the precautions. The child’s grandmother on the mic, Grady, was also a teacher. He said that his grandmother died because somebody in her vicinity was not wearing a mask. Thus that person passed on this pandemic to her.

The black moment

When he was going through an emotional state while sharing the details, it was observed that a woman was sitting in the audience wearing a black dress and present just behind him started smirking. This was not all. She kept on swinging her head. The woman was also holding a placard that had mentioned some big and bold letters saying, “Let our kids smile”.

The Response Of The Public To This Athletic Event

When the woman started smirking, the boy was in a very tense situation. He was stressing upon the fact that why it is of the utmost importance to wear the masks in the school. The video of the woman went viral, and several people on the social media platform identified her as Erika Casher. It also came to the news that the said woman was a nurse working with Cigna.

The thoughts of Erika

In response to this, many people approached Erika, too. While she was providing her thoughts to the WKRN News. She said that it is a parent’s choice to allow or disallow their children to wear the mask. Her statement said, “I’m concerned about mandating them. I saw that in Williamson County, obviously, they did. COVID obviously is real. As a healthcare provider, I’m aware of that,” she said. “But it’s been used to take away our individual liberties over the last year.”

The public demand

As soon as these statements got to the public, the demand from the public sector started rising, and people on social media started a campaign to terminate the woman from Cigna because of disrespecting a child’s feelings. Since people started the trend of Boycotting Cigna thus, the issue was instantly upheld. Although any of the representatives shared no official news, there was a tweet from an unknown user who shared that Erika had been fired from Cigna.

The tweet

The essence of the tweet included, “Just an update, an acquaintance that works with Cigna has verified that Erika Casher was fired yesterday”. Although these details made the people very happy, till today, we are unable to get any official response from Cigna on this matter.

Although it was the necessity of the time to free her because the woman had every right to share her feelings and ideologies with the general public and on the forum, she was seated. But some limits must not be crossed, and she should have respected the feelings of the child mourning the death of her grandmother in front of her.

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Tennessee Cigna nurse fired was a piece of huge news, and it made the public feel overjoyed because they are fed up with the people who play with the feelings of the others and do not have any respect even for the dead. We hope that all COVID victims get back on track with normal life.

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