The 10 Best Job Search Sites in Dubai

Prior to starting a job search in Dubai, you should determine what kind of professional you want to be and what you want to do in the United Arab Emirates. That is, to understand for yourself in what area it will be easier for you to develop. This is the most important point because if you don’t set yourself a goal, you won’t get results at work abroad.  

If the applicant asks “What can you do?”, “What job do you need?”, you answer “I can do everything”, then most likely you will be rejected for employment abroad because the employer is looking for specific professionals. Otherwise, the person himself does not understand what he can and cannot do. Look for a specific job, understand what you are interested in and what you will be able to do, then working abroad will not be a burden for you, but only a pleasure.

Usually, people start their job search in Dubai, before they arrive at the place. At, you can find a variety of jobs. After compiling your resume, you start the standard mailing it to employers. But very often there is no response. And this is logical. After all, if you think about it, it is easier for a job seeker to choose a specialist who is already at work in the UAE, but not far abroad. Given the strong competition, many go directly to the Arab Emirates to look for work already in place. This option helps to get a job in Dubai faster.

In addition, an important role played by knowledge of English, if you want to work abroad. Without it, it will be very difficult. If you do decide to take this step, come to the UAE, not knowing the language, and be prepared for the fact that your job will be low-paid, the kind that does not require communication with people.

If you do not have such a problem or have already coped with it, then feel free to start looking for a job abroad, where vacancies are posted on the website. Many of our applicants who have decided on this step, managed to choose a favorite job in Dubai and provide a life for themselves and their family.

List of proven job search sites

With the help of such sites, you can find a job in Dubai:

  • JTP ;
  • GCC;
  • AimGlo;
  • Dubizzle;
  • Jobs in Dubai;
  • Indeed;
  • Careerjet.

JTP Company.

This company will allow those who wish to work in the UAE to be employed in well-known and stable corporations. Resorts, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, five-star hotels, luxury stores, and real estate agencies all need specialists.   

GCC company

GCC will provide openings in hotels and restaurants in modern countries. Will accompany you every step of the way from looking for a job to the end of the job. Each client will get a qualified help from the moment of going to work till the moment he comes back.


Many people have been using this site for years. It is popular because of its simplicity and multifunctionality. You don’t need to have any special skills or knowledge to use it to its maximum effectiveness. Everyone can understand and find favorable conditions for earning money. The main thing is to devote your time to it and use filters that help you find what you need faster. 


The company today is a leader in providing a wide range of services. The team consists of international consulting specialists.  

ILES GROUP is a partner of INTEFSTAFF, a network of European companies in Ukraine. We work with the most popular employers with legal employment and high salaries. 100% guaranteed customer support is provided.

AimGlo Company.

The company specialists approach each client professionally. Selection of vacancies, consulting, support during the stay abroad – all this the client receives, turning to AimGlo.

This site offers a variety of positions in Dubai. A convenient search will quickly help you choose the openings you are interested in. Users can look for filters or city names or job titles.

Dubizzle Site

This site is a regular classified site in Dubai. By selecting a job heading, you can find a job for yourself. The choice of professions is unlimited, so everyone can find what they have been looking for. 

Jobs in Dubai

Jobs in Dubai is a first-of-its-kind recruitment agency. With offices located in Dubai as well as Canada, our online service has a stellar infrastructure that allows it to effectively be a global resource for qualified staff through our state-of-the-art online hiring process.

Major corporations from regions such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc., work with the company. Jobs in Dubai offers an extensive directory of job listings that covers a wide range of major professional sectors. The Jobs in Dubai team is ready to help every step of the way, from technical queries to profile customization.


Such a platforme will guide you to find a job in the UAE. Everyone can find the right one among the jobs presented. Easy to navigate through the site makes it possible to find what you need in a short time.

Site Careerjet

The site is specifically designed to find jobs abroad. There are so many job offers in Dubai. The navigation is easy and it is not too difficult to find a suitable job. You can search by position or company name, as well as by date.

Using the resources provided when looking for jobs in Dubai, it is possible to get a good job. Businesses offering employment will take care of the employee fully from the beginning of the job search until they return home.


A proven website for finding the perfect job is one of the criteria for success. Despite the fact that there are many such criteria, an employee who wants to get a job on the best terms needs to take into account all the nuances. In practice, you may encounter moments that you did not expect to meet. The main thing is to treat everything with calmness and be motivated to move on. You can use several platforms at once, which we have listed above. Keep track of all possible jobs so you can compare them. Moreover, this strategy is advised by experts and people who have already found jobs in modern and promising countries.

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