The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

With the emergence of new fashion trends every day the society has accepted the rather expensive venture as a lifestyle. It is however unfortunate that not everybody can afford to keep up with the trends and buy the high-end expensive designer outfits. Instead, a significant number of people have adapted to new ways of remaining relevant by sourcing second

options. These are fast fashion shops which sell nice clothes but at an affordable price. Some of the best places in Europe to score good fashion bargains include;


PRELOVED KILO is a United Kingdom-based wholesale company that deals in selling of vintage, preloved and retro stocks at affordable prices. They are known for the sale of a kilo of clothing for only 15 euros.

Its headquarters are at Rotherham in South Yorkshire England. Their style of conducting their sales is intriguing because they visit two new cities every weekend and open up wholesale shop in these cities where locals can buy clothes. The sale has become so popular that often the shops are full of customers by the time the doors are opened. Visit their website and check out the event listing tab for future upcoming events.

The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain


It is with no doubt that France is one of the fashion capitals in the world with some of the dominant fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. However, since most people cannot afford to buy from this A list stores without declaring their bankruptcy afterward, The flea market would be the most convenient place to shop and still have some change left for the cab. Their location which is mostly on the outskirts of Paris may not be as flattering for the first timers, but you will be shocked with the number of unique antiques and clothing available at this stalls. Long casual dress can also be bought at these markets.

The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

There are three major flea markets in Paris namely

– Puces de Saint Oven

– Puces de Porte de Montreuil

– Porte de Vanves

When around Paris make a point to get to one of the markets to enjoy a good bargain on various items.


The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

If you are a high fashion enthusiast but you are short on funds, this is your got to place whenever you are in London. It is known for the purchase of fast trending outfits for teenagers, and designer wears. The recent renovation on the Oxford store has seen it elevate to its original

position of one of the best fashion stores in the country.

The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

The well-crafted interior of the shop does not concur with the prices on the shelves. Offering products ranging from men and ladies wear (including the black corset and other lingerie)

the retail store price is fair enough, though at the end of the day it depends on what you want to purchase because some of the product’s costs may be too high for a buyer who is on a budget.


The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

With over 700 fashion store worldwide, the Forever 21 store has ranked as one of the best fashion stores in Europe because of its good bargain price on its products and the various outlets it has worldwide. Despite some challenges in its management, the Los Angeles based store has proved to stand the test of time established by the number of clients it has been able to attract. It’s a fast fashion store for Men, women, and children for buying fashionable dresses, gym outfits, jeans, T-shirts almost everything. This keeps its clients hooked. So whenever you are in the USA or anywhere in Europe find a forever 21 store and enjoy the jaw-dropping prices on various products.


The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

This is one of the best rated cheap stores in Amsterdam. Netherland is known to be an expensive country, Steps facilitates many foreigners who most of the products from the local market end up being slightly out of their budget range. This is the best place to buy dresses because they mostly specialize in the sale of dress for both young and senior ladies. Located in Kalverstraat, the store attracts a large crowd of people on the daily therefore expect a congested space when you visit. It is also known for its readily available second-hand lingerie, ranging from corsets, thongs, seamless bras, push-up bras among many others. The different stands sell a variety of products both imported and from other countries. Most of the products are from China thus the affordable prices. Even though it is also listed to be one of the best places to get souvenirs, one can buy fast trending clothes at very affordable prices from as little as $ 5. So when you are in Netherland get to visit Paddy’s market for good bargains.


The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

Prices at H&M are no match to the low rates at Primark. This Irish fast fashion store with its headquarters in Dublin has brought new retailing experience which cannot be compared to any of its competitors. Their products are sold at a lower price. Therefore, they recorded the highest sales in the United Kingdom.

The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

It offers a diverse variety of products such as men, children and women clothing, footwear, beauty products, and accessories. With over 300 stores worldwide Primark has a mark in the

retail of fast fashion trends, therefore make a point to visit one of its stalls around Europe for better pricing.


The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

The list wouldn’t end without mentioning the ‘I love vintage’ store. Located at Prinsengracht in Netherland, with great interior design, the store has enough space to accommodate a great number of customers. With the good prices, the store has a number of clients who are satisfied by the wide variety of products from the store. It retails both male and female outfits.

The best places in Europe to score a fashion bargain

When traveling to Europe make a point to try out some of these stores for some of the

best shopping experience.

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