The Best Pool Floats of 2022

Preparing for summer vacation is almost as fun as the vacation itself! Okay, maybe not the packing part, but it’s always fun to do a little pre-vacation shopping while the anticipation builds. If you have a trip to the beach, pool, or waterpark planned in the coming months, you’re probably stocking up on all the essentials—sunglasses, towels, a new bikini, SPF 100, check, check. 

But what about pool floats? You can’t truly enter relaxation mode until you have the perfect accessory to keep you afloat. It seems that pool float designs get more and more creative every year, and 2022 is no different. These gorgeous—and occasionally funky—pool floats are worthy of a parade. Check out these unique designs if you want to relax in style this summer.

  1. Party (Or Relax) Like It’s 1999

Retro 70s, 80s, and 90s  style designs are what’s in this summer 2022 season. If you already have a retro-inspired swimsuit and sunglasses to match, why not bring your whole ensemble together with a 70s-inspired pool float? Bold, 70s-inspired waves, flowers, and patterns are back with a bang. Check out this 70s wave tube and this 90s-inspired pink retro phone float. The phone’s shape is unique so you can completely lay out while adrift or hang your phone up closer to shore.

  1. Cabana Float

Why rent a cabana at the beach when you can have one that floats on the water? This cabana float is definitely one of the most unique pool floats around. It fits up to four people and includes space for drinks and speakers. You can lay out in style and enjoy the water while still staying dry. This float includes a tether rope to keep you from drifting away (although you might just drift off to sleep!) The fringed mesh shade and mesh foot baths provide you with a dip in the pool that feels like a trip to the spa.

  1. Yacht Float

Even if you don’t own a real yacht, you can still float in style. This yacht float has the potential to elevate your trip to the pool with its sleek design, cupholders, and built-in cooler.

  1. Floats for Your Pup

If you have a dog who loves the water, why not give them their own relaxation station? After they get tired of doggy paddling around, this rainbow cloud dog float can serve as a safe and comfortable docking point for your pup. You can even get a matching one for yourself. Now when you tell your friends that you’re “chilling at home with your dog,” you can really mean it.

  1. Crown Float for Five

If you have a squad that likes feeling like royalty at the beach, this rose gold crown float is perfect. It can fit up to five people and is equipped with headrests and cupholders, plus a mesh foot bath so you can dip your toes into the water.

  1. Classic Lounge Chair Float

If you’re looking to kick up your feet, relax, and get some sun, this pool float puts a new spin on the classic lounge chair design. Its design makes your body feel weightless and allows you to prop yourself up comfortably so you can talk to a friend or sip your drink. This lounge chair is thicker in size for extra support and comfort on your back.

  1. Couples Convertible Float

Looking for a float fit for two? Check out this oversized float shaped like a retro pink convertible. It contains two cupholders and a built-in spot for a cooler or speakers near the front. Who needs drive-in movie theaters when you and your partner can have a date in one of these?

  1. Butterfly Pool Float


Pool floats are the best, but they’re not always big enough to sit in comfortably without fear of tipping yourself overboard. This butterfly pool float is perfectly oversized. It can fit two people comfortably, and even if you fall asleep and roll over to the left or the right, this float’s nine-foot wingspan will be there to catch you. Plus, there’s less float at the bottom so you can still dip your feet into the water. 

10. White Swan Float

This white swan float makes quite an elegant statement. It’s 60 inches large with a three-foot-long neck. You can sit on it with your feet dangling into the water on either side or, if you prefer to stay dry, you can tuck your feet under you and remain splash-free.

11. Mesh Lounger Pool Float

If you prefer to stay cool without being completely submerged in the water, check out this pink mesh lounger pool float. It’s simplistic in design and has the essentials—a headrest and a reinforced cupholder. The wavy designs on the side also give it more of a retro look. And if pink isn’t your thing, it also comes in mint and orange sherbert.

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