The Best VPNs To Stay Safe From Hackers


In this modern age of the internet, where everything is interlinked and available on the world wide web, users’ online security and privacy remain a big concern. In fact, using the internet without any security tool poses more significant risks.

As a regular internet user, your data security and online privacy must be your top priority. However, with hackers, fraudsters, phishers, and other prying eyes always on the hunt for a vulnerable user, you must take necessary precautionary measures.

One of the most reliable tools for online security and privacy is a VPN. These smart apps basically encrypt your data and provide you with added layers of anonymity by hiding your real identity and whereabouts. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs out there, and before you get it, you must know how safe is ExpressVPN by VPNRanks to get an idea about what you will bargain for.

Not just ExpressVPN but several other premium VPN apps can be equally good, if not better. Let’s explore the best VPNs to stay safe from hackers.

Why a VPN is necessary to stay safe from hackers

To get a safe online experience

Every day, we read news about hacking incidents around the globe. Naturally, you just want to ensure that whatever you upload or download on the internet cannot be bugged or stolen. The best way to ensure that is to make your data encrypted with the help of a VPN.

To protect your sensitive personal credentials.

You might be saving some of your sensitive personal details online, like your bank account details, business emails, and retirement portfolios. All these things and details need to be secured from any hacker. Sometimes even your health card information gets purloined by hackers, so they can create false insurance accounts.

While using a VPN, any information that’s sent online is protected from prying eyes and cannot get stolen or changed. If you often use the storage on online cloud-based systems, it is more necessary for you to get yourself a VPN.

To safeguard your information from being stolen.

When a hacker gets a hold of your online information, they can alter that or delete your important files, change the password and lock you out of your own computer.

They can bug your device by installing all kinds of viruses or malware, including ransomware and spyware. Spyware continuously keeps stealing your data. Meanwhile, ransomware can lock your computer, making you unable to reach your files, including anything like your personal videos, photos, or any kind of sensitive information.

So ensure that all of your important data on your device and online cloud storage is safe by the best solutions and digital safety.

Benefits of using a reliable VPN service

To feel free and more secure while doing anything online in order to experience safer browsing, using a high-quality VPN can help you achieve this sense of privacy and security. In addition, having a good VPN will solidify your security much more.

When connected with a VPN, you can use the internet and browse anonymously with just a mere change of your IP address. This function especially comes in handy when you are using public Wi-Fi.

A hacker looking to steal personal details and data can make up a false Wi-Fi connection. So when users connect to such free Wifi, any of your information becomes vulnerable. That is why whenever you connect with a public network, always use a VPN so that your data is encrypted and sent through a tunneled firewall system, which is almost impossible to break.

People who save their financial information or private business data on their devices must be more careful. Using a VPN can help you steer clear of any such financial losses.

Factors you should consider while selecting a VPN app

With the VPN market more saturated than ever, there are all kinds of VPNs, free and premium. However, not all VPNs have the ability to protect you from hackers. Here are some of the basic factors to look for in every best VPN in order to protect yourself and your devices from hackers:

  • AES 256 Bit military-grade encryption protocol
  • Kill switch security features
  • A firm no-logging policy providing privacy protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth fused with fast servers speed
  • 24/7 Live customer support through email and chat
  • Simultaneous connection to keep all your devices secure

Best VPNs to stay safe from hackers

The best VPN to use to steer clear of hackers is ExpressVPN. It is a premium VPN service that builds an extensive firewall using a high-level encryption method.

ExpressVPN is one VPN that is classified as an A-listed VPN due to its several trailblazing features like Trusted Server Technology, Double VPN, DNS Leak Protection, Kill Switch, MediaStramer, and several others. In addition, it is highly recommended by experts due to its non-stop excellent performance.

It uses the AES-256-bit encryption protocol, which is rated highly among top VPN services. Moreover, its no-logging policy ensures that none of your online activity is stored anywhere.

ExpressVPN also supports the OpenVPN policy, one of the most solid protocols for evaluating VPNs. Moreover, whenever you face any VPN service problem, you can contact its 24/7 live customer support line whenever you face any VPN service problem. Due to its easy use and fast service speed, it has gotten many positive remarks.

Here are the top five VPNs, with ExpressVPN leading the pack, that will make sure you stay anonymous to any hackers:

ExpressVPN — A VPN with lightning-fast speed, top-notch features, and solid security

NordVPN — Incredibly fast VPN service with a large server network and the latest security protocols

Surfshark — Affordable VPN providing unlimited connections

CyberGhost — Budget-friendly with NoSpy servers

Private Internet Access — Pocket-friendly VPN


No matter which VPN service you go for, always use a premium VPN app with a proven track record. Although you can select any VPN of your choice, we always recommend using ExpressVPN.

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