The Only Oppo F-Series Phone with a Microscope; Oppo F21 Pro.

In this era, a new smartphone is launched every other day with the latest technology and specifications at justifiably economical costs. Oppo manufacturing company also stepped up the competition with the launch of distinctive camera features and a captivatingly diversified outlook Oppo F21 Pro smartphone.

Keep reading to discover what’s so new in Oppo F21 Pro that everyone can’t stop talking about it.

Is Oppo F21 Pro a Reasonable Investment?

To determine if the Oppo F21 Pro is a wise purchase, do know that the Oppo F21 Pro price in Pakistan is “64,999” PKR, and in this price range, Oppo has launched only one 4G variant that runs with the processor of Snapdragon 680 SoC Processor.

The offered processor at the given price range, truth to be told, is not a wise purchase since you can find better and high-performing processor-supported choices at lower costs.

But do remember F21 Pro may not be specs-sufficient, but its camera and design will blow your mind.

Unmatched Features In Oppo F21 Pro:

Premium Design:

Oppo has never been the company that disappoints consumers with the exterior of its products. Conserving their culture, Oppo is once again back with a unique design and build, Dual-sim Oppo F21 Pro, available in 2 solid colors

  • Black
  • Orange  

The back of the device is made of Vegan Leather, giving it that very matte and expensive look, along with smudge protection never-before-witnessed in any smartphone with a similar price range.

The texture, accompanied by the device’s lightweight, provides the grip with strength and comfort.

Extraordinary Camera Performance:

RGBW-Supported Sensor:

Oppo stepped up the game and launched RGBW-supported camera sensors, unlike other competitors in the market that sense white light, enhancing the color and providing depth to the object in focus.

32 MP Front Camera:

With a 32MP Sony IMX709 front camera sensor, take stunning shots even on bright backgrounds and have the spotlight focused on your face only. Whether portrait mode is on or off, good selfies are guaranteed.

Rare Cameras:

The 64 MP primary and 2 MP depth camera give you touched-up professional-looking shots with keeping original colors, depth, and noise cancellation in check even in low-light environments.

Additionally, the highlight feature of the F21 Pro is its 2MP Microscope Camera Sensor, installed for users to explore their favorite scenes in a detailed manner.

Creditable Display:

Besides its 6.43-inch AMOLED full HD+ screen, the best thing about its display is the “In-Display Fingerprint Scanner.” Oppo is the sole initiator of this unique and commendable feature in this price range.

System And Battery:

The operating system of F21 Pro is supported by ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 software that backs-up plenty of accessibility and in-phone features.

Although its 4500 mAh battery can easily last through your daily social activities and usage, its 33W charger only takes 60 minutes to charge the device.

With “Night Optimized Charging” mode, you can sleep peacefully without setting midnight alarms to unplug your device.

Things That Could Have Been Better:

The following are features in the Oppo F21 Pro that make it an overpriced purchase.

The major turn-off is its Snapdragon 680 SoC Processor because the processor not only causes the overall phone performance to fall in the average category but keeps the phone from supporting high graphical gameplay.

The presence of Bloatware and the absence of an ultrawide camera causes the Oppo F21 Pro to lose its credibility. Because a microscope camera may be a fitting brag, it can’t replace the 

the value that an ultrawide camera adds to the smartphone.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the not above-average processor and overall performance of the F21 Pro may be bad news for gamer consumers of Oppo mobile phones. However, significant specs like low-light camera sensors, night-optimized charging, and in-display scanner make up for all the faults present.


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