The Real Reason Why Farm Owners Love Using Pop Up Tents

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents are extremely useful at farms. Farmers use these lightweight and transportable tents to provide shade to their livestock. The latest sellers of pop-up canopies also give users total customization control. Farm owners can custom-print their tents with their own farm’s name, logo, marketing messages, etc., and generate brand awareness.

Pop-up canopies are also popular for being transportable. Farm owners can attend tradeshows and competitions with their custom-printed tents. However, these aren’t the only reasons why farmers love installing pop-up canopies on their properties. The real reason behind their love for pop-up tents has to do with their animals’ health.

Why Livestock Animals Need the Shade that Tents Provide

Excessive exposure to sun rays and heat can have severely damaging effects on the health of livestock animals. With durable, UV-resistant pop-up canopies, farmers can perform efficient livestock shading. It’s the process of storing livestock animals underneath pop-up canopy tents to maintain their body temperatures.

Shading with the help of durable tents can help all types of livestock animals. On the other hand, not providing adequate shade to livestock animals could lead to many issues such as –

Decreased Milk Production in Cows

According to a recent study, exposure to extreme heat can diminish a cow’s ability to produce milk by 1.5 liters. The amount of protein inside the milk also drops by 0.15% when cows are not placed inside protective tents. Most importantly, the conception rates of cows decreased by 10 to 12% every year they were exposed to large amounts of heat.

These metrics are crucial for farmers who financially depend on their cows. Setting up a low-cost pop-up or canopy tents at the farms can easily resolve these issues.

Health Issues in Livestock Animals

All types of livestock animals suffer when farmers don’t create protective shades for them. The respiration rates of goats, sheep, horses, and camels increase significantly when they’re exposed to the sun for long periods. Livestock animals are also likely to lose their appetite, breathe from their mouths, and fall over in such conditions.

Before heat and sunlight start causing convulsions in these animals, farm owners must invest in high-quality pop-up canopy tents.

Livestock Inefficiency

Farms that don’t have canopy tents as dedicated shading areas are likelier to be more chaotic. That’s because the livestock animals in these farms are constantly wandering for shade and scouring for water sources. Multiple cows may clump for shade underneath trees if they don’t have access to appropriate shades.

Why Farm Owners Must Use Protective Tents

The main reason experienced farmers love using pop-up canopies is because these tents enable them to protect their herds. The best pop-up and canopy tents in the market are made of lightweight, heat-resistant, and water-resistant fabrics. They give livestock animals optimum overhead protection from the sun.

Plus, these tents are surprisingly affordable. Even if farmers custom-print their tents with high-definition graphics, they won’t cost a fortune. That’s why savvy farmers order large sets of these tents and install them all across their properties.


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