Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning: be in control of life and desires

Tarot card

Every individual must be sure that one is engaged in a suitable activity, that this business is appropriate and can bring well-being and wealth and that problems that arise should not be taken too seriously, as there is always a way out. This is the pivotal Three of Pentacles meaning that each of us must take up correctly and use it to one’s own advantage. The sign also reminds you that you cannot build the house or create any project alone. It means that you must look for support and not refuse offered help. In other words, the Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning describes the possibility to attain all objectives if things are done by joint efforts. Where one person cannot cope, a team of like-minded people will achieve the set objectives together. 

Also, the symbol shows that a certain level has been reached, but at the same time, there is still a lot of work to be done since the building has not been built yet. More interpretations are:

  • The Three of Pentacles meaning can be perceived as some progress that has been made, perhaps at work, and possibly at home.
  • Possibly, there is a chance to buy a house that must be rebuilt or is not finished yet, so some renovations and makeovers are required.
  • The card indicates the strength of the foundation, which has yet to be brought to perfection through carrying out finishing work.

Components of the card have a dual aspect: on the one hand, they characterize satisfaction as a result of the completion of the first phase, and on the other, they indicate some dissatisfaction due to the fact that there is still a lot to do. The Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is about everything related to the material/monetary world, so it can symbolize that the progress in financial affairs will be slow but confident.

Forecasting for various life areas

Job and development. You will definitely improve your professional level. This is a kind of line between the previous and next steps. You have become smarter, more quick-witted, stronger, and more experienced, and therefore you can take on a more complex objective. The main goal is to cope with the task, prove your level, and confirm your degree of professionalism. Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning doesn’t entail changing the place of job. The upside-down sign means that the plans should be postponed until better times.

Financial aspect. You need to examine your financial situation and events that affect your income to find out how to improve your well-being. Probably, there is a need to consult with a professional who will help you plan your budget.

Connection with your partner. You can expect that fresh feelings will capture you. Rare meetings and lack of consistency no longer satisfy you. You want to focus on one person, get to know the personality better, and dedicate your whole life to this individual. If such a person is already next to you, then the card symbolizes overcoming the crisis. You will be able to shape harmonious relationships very soon.


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