Tips for Settling in Your New Student Room

New Student Room

If you are moving into a new student room don’t need to be boring. Even if it’s your second year in a similar room, you still want something unique. If this sounds like you, keep reading as you are about to uncover several decoration ideas for your new student accommodation.

There are heaps of ways to enrich your campus room. You can add some personality, without breaking any accommodation rule laid down by your school. 

9 Amazing Decorating Ideas for Your Student Room

There are several decorating methods for bringing life into your student room. Below are nine decorating tips for you.

Make a list

Taking your time to prepare a list reassures you are well set for moving into your university. Regardless of whether you will be packing only functional things, or you plan to bring your best personal pieces, showing up with all that you need will keep you more relaxed.

Customize a removable wallpaper

This may surprise you. But it’s more fun. You can make a temporary wallpaper just with liquid starch and some sheets of fabric.

To do this, pick a few of your materials (a wacky color is perfect), then use a wipe roller to stick it up with starch. If you need more guidance for this, please do brief research. At the point when you want to move out of the room, you can simply strip it right off.

Use customized framed posters

You can customize posters for instance a Hong Kong map poster. They will always remind you of your most cherished moments. Framed posters from Mapiful are appealing. You can customize different things, including posters of the city you come from. Yes, this will help you have good memories of home. With Mapiful, you can customize a map poster too. This also boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Improve your desk

Decorating your desk is a good way to improve the overall outlook of your new student room. You will always use your desk. It needs to be well decorated. Make it appealing enough to make you want to spend time in the space.

Here is an idea. Assuming your desk faces the wall, creating a wall gallery that motivates you is effective. To add a personal touch, including ticket stubs, photographs, and postcards. 

If you are renting now, then stock up on a few command hooks. They won’t harm the walls and can be utilized when hanging photographs, posters, keys, or string lights.

Bring in nature

Introducing nature into your room is another great idea. Plants have this mystical capacity to make even the dingiest student room have a homely touch. Place a piece of nature around your room to inspire you. This sharpens your innovation and psychological well-being. Nature also clears up the air in your room. And don’t forget to water them from time to time, if you are going for some nice plants.

Good ideas include peace lily, aloe vera, and little cacti. You can place them in little windowsill pots.

If you do not have that green effect, a decent jar of phony flowers can be an extraordinary method to light up your room. This gives the impression of bringing nature inside without the entire watering it.

Discuss cleaning early

It is the duty of you and your flatmates to clean your room. Thus, when you know one another, have a brief meeting about the cleaning of the accommodation. You may also need to talk about the cleaning rota of the kitchen if necessary.  

It could look awkward at the beginning, but it will be a good decision later on. Always keep your room(s) clean. 

Redo your shelf

To hold your belongings, you can use different stuff for transformation. Be creative with this. Yes, a little stepladder will make a nice storage effect. Add a touch of attention and adoration to it and it’ll be cute.

If your shelf has a plain backboard, you can customize it by including photographs into the vacant spaces – just behind your books. With this your favorites can be included – they can be helpful, you know.

Use fairy light

Fairy lights work magic in any room. Add it to your new room.

This type of light will transform your room – from dull prison to boudoir stylish. Regardless of whether you use desk lamps or fairy lights, your student room will be more comfortable. They turn it into a haven.

To complete a furnished room, good lighting does the magic. 

Fairy lights are versatile and cheap. They fit well into the wall and furniture. You can stick them around your mirrors.

Keep exploring

When you are new on the campus, always make good use of several opportunities available. Grab some coffee with other students, make friends, join a society. Meet your neighbors from time to time. You may even volunteer.

Aside from your coursemates and flatmates, make more friends. You can make new friends weekly. The more people you know or make friends with, the more fun you will have as a new student. 


You can have a good start in your new university by exploring different things. Making your student room cozy is important. Have fun and make new friends.

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