Tips to Create a Professional Voicemail Greeting

voicemail greetings

What type of voicemail greeting have you created for your missed calls? It says a lot about you, so it’s something you should put thought and consideration into. If you run a business, a professional greeting is a must, but how do you create this? Keep reading to learn more.


Even though no one will see you, smile when you are recording voicemail greetings. Callers will pick up on this as they listen to the greeting and feel more comfortable when they leave you a message.

Speak Clearly

Avoid mumbling in your voicemail greeting. Make sure you don’t speak too slowly or quickly, either. You want to ensure people who hear it, understand it. The way you choose to communicate with callers through your greeting is an insight into how you will communicate with them in the real world.

Identify Who You Are

Having a professional greeting is also a personal thing. Make sure that you tell the caller who you are, your job title, and what company you work for in your voicemail greeting. However, make sure you are conscious about how long your message is. You don’t want a message that is too long, as this may cause someone to hang up before they even listen to it all.

Let People Know if You Are Going to be Unavailable for a Predetermined Length of Time

For example, if you are going on vacation for two or three weeks, make sure you let callers know this in the greeting that you create. You also need to provide the date when you will return, that way they know when to expect a callback. This will prevent callers from wondering why you haven’t returned their call promptly.

If you don’t want to have your call go to voicemail, consider investing in a Ninja Number, which can be connected to a live answering service. But this is up to you.

Creating a Voicemail Greeting That Works for You

When it comes to your voicemail greeting, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind. Be sure you create a professional greeting that will let your callers know who you are and what you do for the best results. Being informed is the best way to ensure you get the results desired from your voicemail greeting and that it is professional when people hear it, regardless of what company you work for.

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