Tips to Select a Pilates Reformer for Home


If you are planning to get a Pilates reformer to use at home, this will be an investment you will be making. It may be tough selecting the right one because there are many present in the market. There are many manufacturers selling these machines, however the parts as well as functions of many Pilates reformers tend to be similar. The following are some tips you should keep in mind when looking for a Pilates reformer:


You need to start off by considering if you have the sufficient amount of space for the Pilates Reformer in your home. It depends on the manufacturer, but Reformers tend to be between 80” and 100” long. These are able to weigh above 100 pounds. The box that is employed for short as well as long box exercises adds another 12-18 inches particularly to the footprint. This is because it is usually stored at the back area of the Reformer at the time that it is not in use. 

If you are looking for a space-saving one, you can choose foldable and portable models. You should consider how often you will set it up moreover use it when it is not present out in the open. For some people, when the machine is not in sight, they may not use it. 

How you want to use it

You should think about how you want to employ the home Pilates Reformer. You may have some instructor teaching only you in your home studio. You may be following along with some streaming workouts. Some people may consider doing a self-directed workout. 

It depends on how you will use the machine, along with your proficiency with spring plus equipment alterations, you may select a certain style Reformer instead of another one. 

Choose what you know

When it comes to preference, this is usually connected to familiarity. People often choose a Reformer brand upon which they have experienced Pilates. You need to know that the various springs along with dimensions of brands give a distinctive feel which just seems “perfect”. (

You may be thinking of getting a Pilates machine because you like the one at your local Pilates studio that you are using. You can ask the Pilates instructor about the brand and model of the particular Reformer and begin searching for one similar to this if you are comfortable using it. 

The above are some points to keep in mind when looking for a Pilates Reformer machine for home. You can even keep in mind the frame materials like wood or aluminum, different colors, types of upholstery, upgrades as well as accessories that you want. Have a budget and look for those machines in that range. It is better to invest in something that will last so that you can enjoy using it for much time. Look at the different sellers selling these machines. ( You should compare prices before you buy from any one. You will get an idea if you are being charged right. 

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