Fantasy vs. Reality: Breaking Down the Myths Surrounding Titanium Rings

titanium ring

Getting married is an exciting prospect, but sometimes finding the right ring for both individuals is a challenge. It becomes easier once you realize all of the options available to you, but these options can easily dwindle when the negatives start rolling in regarding one of your choices. Titanium rings have become very popular in the past few years, thus causing more and more retailers to carry them and, in turn, giving couples more to choose from when it comes to their wedding ring sets.

As popular as these rings are, however, they come with a wide range of negative assertions regarding the quality as well as the dangers of titanium. The thing is, just because you hear something – no matter how many times it’s repeated and by whom – it doesn’t mean that it’s actually true. So, before you give in to anything you may have heard about titanium rings, let’s first discern fact from pure fiction.

The Popularity of Titanium:

So, why are titanium rings such must-have things, anyways? For one, they tend to cost a lot less than gold or silver – and certainly a lot less than platinum – while at the same time offering greater durability. They also come with the same scope of design as a traditional ring, offering not only various styles but also the ability to set in various types of stones. Men especially have been drawn to titanium rings, tending to like the fact that they’re not only more durable than their gold and silver counterparts, but also better reflect their sense of taste.

With so many great things going for them, one has to wonder how so many myths surrounding them have popped up all over the place. For starters, to understand this issue, one has to first understand that titanium comes in two types: high or pure grade titanium (used by most jewelers) and a lesser grade titanium that also contains various alloys, thus making it much harder. Now, with these differences in mind, let’s look at some of those titanium-related myths.

Bye-Bye Ring Finger:

Perhaps the biggest myth out there is that the only way to get a titanium ring off of your finger in the event that it’s stuck – for whatever reason – would be to cut the finger off. This has probably been the most persistent and worrying of the myths, causing people to hesitate before buying a titanium ring, fearful that, in the event of some sort of accident, they’d ultimately lose their finger rather than just the ring.

This whole thing is literally pure fiction, and it probably hails from how hard and durable the second type of titanium is. While pure grade titanium may be a little softer, both types can be removed by medical staff at any hospital in the event of an accident.

You Get What You Get:

Most likely due to its reputation as a tough metal, a persistent belief is that titanium rings can’t be resized, reworked, engraved, etc. All of these things can be done with a titanium ring, so why the misinformation? A lot of it has to do with the fact that, while titanium rings can be resized and engraved, it takes special tools to do so. Many jewelers who deal predominately with gold, silver, and even platinum don’t have these tools, but, instead of explaining this – and implying they don’t provide a service you’re after – they simply say it can’t be done.

It is difficult, maybe even impossible, to resize a titanium ring to an extreme degree – such as jumping four or five sizes up or down – but typically this isn’t the sort of resizing that people need done. Most people looking to resize a ring only need it tweaked a size or two – something that can be done with any titanium ring.

Hypoallergenic or Not?

The hypoallergenic properties of titanium aren’t a myth but so many different things have been said about this topic that people just aren’t sure one way or the other. If you purchase a lower grade titanium ring that’s been mixed with various alloys, then you run a chance of having it discolor your skin. The word “chance,” should be emphasized here, as typically the second type of titanium isn’t mixed with nickel or cobalt – the elements that commonly cause skin discoloration and rashes. Pure titanium carries no worries at all about skin discoloration, as it’s completely hypoallergenic and, therefore, won’t cause you any problems.

Titanium Rings Are Boring:

This is a major myth, probably associated with the other myth that titanium is too hard to do much with stylistically. Titanium rings allow for all types of stones to be set into them, as well as inlays and engravings of all types. One particularly popular style with titanium rings is that of adding a camouflage design to them, something that jewelers like Titanium Buzz are well-known for. Just as with traditional metals, titanium rings of all types – including wedding bands and engagement rings – can feature a multitude of designs, including custom ones that reflect the unique tastes of the individual in question.


Nothing is truly indestructible, but titanium rings that have been mixed with various alloys do tend to be very hard and rather impervious to damage. Pure titanium, on the other hand, can be scratched and scuffed like other metal rings, even though they still tend to be far more resistant to wear and tear in comparison to gold and silver. The fact that pure titanium is actually a little softer is really a big plus, as this is what allows such rings to be reworked by a skilled jeweler, thus providing the wearer with more options concerning the size and design of their ring.

Cheap Pieces:

While it’s true that titanium typically costs significantly less than gold or silver rings, this doesn’t mean that the quality is any less. In fact, high quality titanium engagement rings can retail for several hundred to a thousand dollars or more, due precisely to the fact that they’re of such high quality and feature precious stones. Yes, lesser quality titanium rings can be purchased for next to nothing, but so too can gold and silver rings – those green finger specials. So, remember, that when looking for a ring, titanium is going to offer you just as much, if not more, quality and flexibility as anything else on the market.


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