Top 4 Things to Know Before Purchasing Gold Wedding Bands

Before Purchasing Gold

Your wedding day is coming and you’re ready to start wedding bands shopping. Fortunately, you’ve chosen gold as your wedding band metal and you want to order a beautiful gold wedding band. However, without accurate and trustworthy information, you might not be able to purchase the perfect gold wedding bands. Moreover, you might be scammed as there are tons of fake gold available in the market. (modafinil online kaufen)    visit here  Not just the content of gold but also the allergies, design, durability, weight, alloys, width, cost matter while buying gold wedding bands. The selection process might become overwhelming too before purchasing gold . 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 things that you should know before purchasing gold wedding rings.

14 Karat Gold Wedding Bands vs. 18 Karat Gold Wedding Bands

Many people don’t know the differences between 18 karat gold rings and 14 karat gold rings. Moreover, they don’t even know the meaning of karat. Karat refers to the percentage of gold in your wedding bands. On the other hand, carat is used in the weight measurement process of precious gemstones. 

A 24 karat gold is known as pure gold whereas 18 karat gold wedding bands contain 75% gold and 14 karat gold wedding bands contain 58.3% gold. The remaining portion is metal alloys that are combined with gold to make it stronger. Some alloy also changes the color of the gold such as rose gold or white gold. If you want to purchase 18 karat gold wedding bands from a trusted and verified source, click here    

Allergic Reactions of Gold Wedding Bands

In general, people are not allergic to gold. In other words, the human skin doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction when it comes in contact with gold wedding bands. On the other hand, gold is a very skin-friendly metal. However, some people experience allergic reactions due to the alloys mixed with gold. 

Although few people suffer from an allergic reaction after wearing white gold wedding bands as the metal is alloyed with nickel. But, allergic reaction from yellow gold wedding bands is very rare. 

However, if you have extra sensitive skin, you might experience skin irritation from wearing any type of wedding band. 

Use of Alloys

The alloys of gold such as silver and copper will highly impact the color of the gold. However, other alloys combined with gold will only increase its properties. As per Totally I Found Out, white gold is created by using metals such as silver and palladium

An 18 karat yellow gold wedding band has 75% gold, 9% copper and, 16% silver. Whereas, 14 karat yellow gold wedding bands are 58.4% gold, 6.3% zinc, 31.3% copper, and 4% silver. 

Some gold manufacturer uses their formula and improvised percentage of alloys to create unique gold colors. 

The Heaviness of Gold Wedding Band

Heaviness is dependent on the density of the metal. If you want heavier wedding bands, you need to choose denser metals such as gold. 

The density of 14K yellow gold is 12.9 to 14.6. Additionally, the density of 18K yellow gold is 15.2 to 15.9. However, keep in mind that the density of gold in wedding bands might vary slightly due to the alloys. 


These are the top 4 you need to keep in mind before purchasing gold wedding bands. Remember to choose an attractive design for your gold wedding bands to increase their beauty. You can also integrate additional gemstones in your gold wedding bands. But, make sure the gemstones are genuine. (united pharmacy ambien)  


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