Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

2020 and 2021 have really brought into focus what is near and dear to each of us. In times when the need for professing love has been at an all-time high, ironically, many have had to postpone their weddings and proposals for reasons we all know too well. If 2022 is your year and you have decided to pop the question, you must invariably be looking at the best jewelry brands such as Angara you can turn to, to help you pick a ring that will sit proudly on your partner’s fingers and proclaim your love.

Ring trends change all the time. Whether you want to stick to tradition, go the offbeat way, design it yourself or get help customizing something unique and personal, here are the trends that need to be on your radar…

1. Solitaire

Simple and charming, a solitaire ring will never go out of style. A classic style statement, it is characterized by a singular diamond or gemstone, set on a lustrous band. In this style, it is the center stone that stands out and commands all the attention. A solitaire ring can be easily stacked with other rings, such as your wedding band, and this makes it a versatile piece of jewelry.

Added appeal: This style is relatively simple and therefore more economical than other styles such as halo or three-stone. This means you can invest more into the actual stone!

2. Three-Stone

The three-stone ring design has a lot of symbolism attached to it. It represents the past, present and future of the partners coming together or it can also stand for friendship, love and fidelity. Whichever way you choose to interpret the significance of the three-stone ring, it is sure to stand out. Also called “trinity” or “trilogy” rings, they offer a variety of choices as far as the shape of the stones go. You can opt for three similar-sized stones, or mix different shapes and even opt for colored stones in complementary or contrasting shades.

Added appeal: Make a statement with the shape and settings of the stones. Fancy something different? Then opt for an east-west setting of the side stones and see how pretty that looks!

3. Infinity

Infinity rings are fast gaining popularity with people who believe in weaving symbolism into their pieces of jewelry. These rings are symbolic of everlasting love and commitment. The design is characterized by a split shank that twists over in an ‘infinity’ symbol. This style of ring looks beautiful when combined with a halo center stone setting as well! 

Added appeal: Why not go for an infinity ring with a heart-shaped gemstone? This will only make your token of love even more special.

4. Toi Et Moi

The Toi Et Moi ring, (toi et moi means you and me in French), is representative of two people coming together. You can choose diamonds or colored gemstones that tell your unique story and symbolize your individualities. Distinct and artistic, these rings also allow for unique gemstone combinations.  

Added appeal: Can’t decide between two stones? You can have them both! 

5. Halo

The halo setting is indicated by a large center stone that is surrounded by smaller stones in a coordinating pattern and shape. This creates the illusion of a larger stone and gives off a more intense sparkle. The added benefit of this type of setting is that the surrounding stones protect the central stone and make the ring’s design sturdier. There are two distinct types of halo settings, the flush setting and the floating setting. The flush setting is where the larger central stone is at the same level, or flush, with the surrounding halo. The floating halo is where the larger, central stone is lifted and held above the surrounding halo by heightened prongs.

Added appeal: Think out of the box and go for unique starburst or floral halos. Want more brilliance? Opt for a ring with double or triple halos.

6. Colored Gemstones

Want the engagement ring to feel more original and want to break free from traditional styles? Then opt for colored gemstones in the engagement ring. If your bae is a diamond-loving girl, then there are colored diamonds you could opt for. Mind you, they are rare to come by, and will cost a pretty penny, but will undoubtedly remain a unique and long-lasting heirloom. Apart from colored diamonds, there are several other stones you could choose from. Sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, citrine, opal and tourmaline; take you pick from this eclectic list of lust-worthy stones to grace the engagement ring. 

Added appeal: Add a personal touch to your engagement ring by designing it with your partner’s birthstone.

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7. Black Gemstones

If you are a person looking to break away from the mold and stand out from the crowd, and black is your thing, then you may want to consider black bling. Black stone engagement rings have seen a recent surge in demand, especially so with black diamond rings. An offbeat choice, black diamonds are less expensive than their colorless counterparts, and that means you can go bigger! When paired with a white metal like platinum or white gold, the contrast will look simply striking.

Added appeal: Create stunning contrasts by pairing your black gemstone with colorless stones. You could choose from Art Deco styles, vintage styles or even stack your black bauble with bands to amp up the look.

8. Broad Bands

If you are getting an engagement ring commissioned and you want the piece to look every bit like the boss you are, then you might want to consider a ring with a broad band. It’s not always about the stone, and this design highlights the band. Opt for a stone set on a chunky, sculptural band for an unconventional take on an engagement ring. 

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