Top Gold IRA Companies Comparison


The average lifespan of a person has gone way up in the last few decades. I’ve noticed this, and you probably have, too. It makes it more likely that you’ll get to your retirement years, but it can also mean your retirement will last a while as well.

If you’re looking into retirement options, then I offer you my congratulations on getting ready for that stage of your life. You probably already know that your investment portfolio needs to get more conservative as you get closer to retirement. I’m also probably not going to surprise you by telling you that investing in gold is a good way of doing that.

Knowing that you should invest in gold is one thing, but how to specifically do it is another. A gold IRA makes sense for retirement purposes over buying your own metals since there are serious tax advantages. You’ll need a gold IRA company for that, though, and choosing a specific one is a major decision.

Top 5 Gold IRA Companies

There are many gold investment companies you can choose from, and the one that’s best for you might not even be on this gold review list. Still, it’s smart to start your search with the best in the business. I personally believe that to be Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, Birch Gold Group, Noble Gold, and Regal Assets.

Augusta Precious Metals

If you want transparent pricing, then Augusta is a great choice. This company streamlines its operations more than nearly any other gold broker, and they pass the savings on to their customers. They’re also very honest about how they do things.

In fact, they back up their services with money-back guarantees and fair pricing. On the other hand, they don’t do palladium or platinum. Still, the low-cost fee structure is very appealing.

They’re not just a place to save money, though. I’ve always been very impressed by their educational resources and customer service levels. They might save money on their internal operating costs, but you’ll never feel like they skimp on how they treat you or how much you can learn from their team of analysts.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group has nearly two decades of experience serving clients with gold IRAs or just selling them precious metals. They’re one of the precious metal brokers that actually deals in all four possibilities, being gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. If you invest $50,000 or more, then you can get a lot of your fees waived.

If you’re not sure which gold broker to choose, then I’d say consider this one. They’re great at customer service, have good pricing, and offer pretty good educational resources, too. That makes them a very balanced choice where you can enjoy multiple benefits at the same time.

Birch Gold Group might not be the very best at any particular thing, but they’re still well above average in many different things.


If customer service is what you want, then Goldco does it better than everyone else. While there are other gold investment companies that offer great customer service (and that’s pretty much anyone I include in this top five), Goldco is the standard by which the industry is measured in regards to how they treat their customers. Those of us who analyze and review this industry don’t call their customer service “great” so much as we call it “white glove”.

Nobody else in this business will make feel treated as well. That can be particularly important when you’re dealing with thousands of dollars of investments being trusted to someone, especially if you’re not familiar with the precious metals industry. You can even get 10% in free metals.

Noble Gold

As you look into gold investment companies, you will notice that they don’t all have the same minimum investment levels. Some of them might be too high for you. That can be because you simply don’t have enough of your portfolio to put into precious metals, but it might also be that you don’t want to.

That’s okay. I believe precious metal investing is a great thing, but I also tell people that one of the benefits is diversification. You shouldn’t put everything or too much into this.

That’s where Noble Gold is great. Their minimum investment levels are lower than most of the industry, so they make precious metal investing much more accessible.

Whether you’re a new investor who doesn’t have much saved up yet or you just don’t want to risk a lot, this is a great entry point.

Regal Assets

If you want to keep the funds or resources of a current IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) in a tax-advantaged format that preserves your wealth, then doing a rollover into a precious metal or gold IRA is a savvy move. Regal Assets is a great option for anyone looking to do a simple rollover.

Regal Assets has a very extensive track record of helping clients do rollovers. They also don’t charge any fees for this service. Once you have a gold IRA with them, they have flat fees every year for your account to simplify things even more for you than they are.

Who Should You Use?

Who you should use depends on which gold IRA company best matches your needs and personal circumstances. That’s not something I can personally know. However, I can make some general recommendations.

  • For the most transparent pricing, I’d suggest looking at Augusta.
  • For a great all-around experience, look at Birch Gold Group.
  • For the industry’s best customer support, your only option is Goldco.
  • For investing with smaller amounts, Noble Gold is a great choice.
  • For an IRA rollover, consider Regal Assets

My best advice would be to not overthink it. Anyone of these gold IRA companies lets you invest in precious metals in a tax-advantaged format. That will do wonders for your retirement planning.

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