How To Unclog A Drain With Home Tools

unclog drain

The plumbing system of your property has to function properly. We all need clean potable water and a working drainage waste system. Appliances should connect to the water systems and work properly. There connected and built to supply fresh water and dispose of waste in small chunks. If larger chunks of particles get into the drain, which results in a clogged drain. Find a plumber with a skill set in unclogging drains using the latest drain technology. A plumber who can unblock a drain is the best skill set.

The Plunger

A plumber can use a plunger to unclog a drain for you. It is required of them to use one to unblock any toilet, bathtubs, kitchen or bathroom sinks. Your floor drain could get blocked and the drainage outside your house. Try unblocking your drains using a plunger. You should ensure the plunger is drenched in water before to press into the drain.

Place pressure on the plunger and repeat several times. If you are having no luck with this tool time to move on to the next one. Do not exert too heavily on blocked drains.

Plumbers Snake

If you have a plumber’s snake/cable auger, you can get rid of nasty blockages. It’s a tool to dig any deeper blockages found in drains. It can extend longer up to a hundred feet long in the wiring. Lower the tool down the drain until the blockage is reached. You can then twist and turn the snake and break down the particles blocking the water. Get the blockage into smaller pieces and see if the waste gets flown down the drain. You can do this with a cable auger or try with a close auger too. They work as well and can help unclog a drain.

If you need a professional drain cleaning services if you still can’t unclog the drain. Give Blocked Drain Specialists a call in Brisbane & Gold Coast


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