Ways of decorating entry doors

Ways of decorating entry doors

The entry doors give people from outside who have never been into your home the first impression of what to expect. When the front door looks good, the curb appeal automatically goes up, and also it creates a basis for bargaining since attractive doors add home value.

The door styles that have been there historically never change much; the only thing that change is the modification of existing styles by adding decorations. If you have finally decided to change the style of your front doors and don’t know what to do, don’t panic. The following are ways of decorating elegant entry doors that you can choose from.

  • Mix Texture And Color

Using a single color on your front door is an old-fashioned style. You can make your exterior doors more elegant by playing with many colors. You can use different colors to draw a decoration, for instance, artwork on the door’s glass panes. 

You should, however, be careful to ensure you use colors that blend in well to avoid messing up the whole point of decoration and ending up with an unappealing result.

For instance, if your entry doors are red, they can perfectly blend with ornate textures and designs to bring up some withstanding results. Blending iron gilding with opaque glass creates a unique design that looks simple and has some traditional aspects in the same door.

  • Use Irregular Windows On Your Entryways

Nothing is as fascinating as having windows and an entryway as a single structure. Such a structure suggests that the homeowner is bold enough and open to exploring different styles in his or her home.

Adding a window of an irregular shape on your entryway gives your door a sense of relaxation and ease. The people viewing your exterior doors from outside will know that the homeowner is not afraid to try something new on the home.

You can try adding a geometric patterned window design consisting of a glass pane that is oval in shape. To spice up the design’s final look, you can use a white background which makes the door more classic and attractive.

  • Double Up On Impact

Blending a good classic wooden door with an arching slope and an additional ornamental design is what makes a nice traditional door. Adding an impact on your entry doors includes adding a pair of windows above the door.

This is a suitable design to allow a lot of sunlight into the home, consequently leading to extra natural light inside during the day. The style is unique and appealing from quite a distance. It is a very suitable design for a huge home.

Adding the window on top is what brings out the double impact effect. The window brings out a refined look and gives your entryway two functions.

Too much natural light that can get in consequently helps to save energy bills since there is no electricity to be used on lighting during the day. Minimum electricity usage means reduced energy bills, saving money at the end of the day.

  • Adding Artwork In The Form Of Stained Glass

The stained glass used on your entry doors gives them a modern look and also fills your home with energy as it creates an outstanding first impression for the outside world. If your home is traditional, this impact helps distinguish your exterior doors from those of other homes.

The design is created by alternating stained wood with clear glass with ornamental stained glass designs; the glasses are installed in an artistic manner where they alternate between the clear and opaque glasses.

  • Ultra-Modern Paneling

The design involves pairing black and white and adding some well-lit glasses at the back. The outcome is a stylish door with an outstanding edge. The symmetrical design is paired with square-shaped regular glass panels.

Additionally, the glass panels are designed with opaque stripes, which helps improve your home privacy because opaque glass does not allow light in. if the light is not getting in, people cannot see the inside of your home from outside through the glass panels.

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