What are the Metadoro kits, and what are they used for?

The investment direction is the main thing that has always distinguished the Metadoro service from other companies in the financial market. Moreover, society highly demands simple, affordable, and adequate investment instruments. Not all people with capital can assess the state of the global market and choose the best investment options. Solutions and strategies created by experienced experts can help in this case. We will dwell on such methods in more detail.

Metadoro kit is a ready-made investment strategy

First, let’s describe the concept of creating such kits. There is an investment algorithm designed to make a profit in a particular direction. Simply put, it is an idea or a strategy of action. The company’s client can only evaluate it and decide on following the recommendations.

As a rule, information about such kits includes:

  • Set name.
  • Description of the set and investment idea.
  • Set contents: assets are listed.
  • The volume of investment in percent for each set;
  • Cost dynamics.

All of the above is available on the Metadoro website. You can get acquainted with all the information and choose the case that suits you. There are a variety of solutions among the sets. We will talk about the main features below. Let’s start with how to protect capital from the effects of inflation and reduce the risks in investments.

Conservative kits

Many investors prefer less risky assets, even if they offer lower returns. Some areas are in stable demand during crises in the global economy. It is possible since they are less susceptible to negative influences. A simple example is telecommunications corporations. Consumers of services are equally active, both during periods of rapid growth and recession. They generate profits, and such companies usually get through hard times well. Metadoro has such kits that allow you to invest in assets with low risks and relatively high resistance to negative phenomena in the global economy:

  • Safe Haven Assets. A simple kit of shares of market giants like Cisco, Broadcom, and BlackRock. These are stable companies, which at this point, have already dropped significantly in price, and long-term investors have started their large purchases.
  • Dividend Aristocrats. A kit of companies paying out a portion of their profits to equity holders for many years. These companies are trusted by investors, and their policy towards shareholders is considered to be as loyal as possible. Includes P&G, J&J and Walmart.

Such kits will be attractive to investors who want to calmly wait out the end of the crisis and not see a fall in the portfolio’s value by another few tens of percent. In addition, dividend payments on the second kit occur even when the performance of companies is significantly reduced. Of course, such stock portfolios do not give hope for considerable growth, but even the most conservative securities grow by 40-70%. If you choose such kits, you can count on a moderate income with low risks. (vistex.com)

Sets with great potential for value growth

If the investor is considering an option with higher risks and the possibility of a fall in the value of the purchased assets, other proposals can be considered. The market may not have bottomed yet, but the Fed’s rate hike cycle is ending. And it means that mitigation will soon begin. The most sensitive stocks from the technology sector and other technology-related assets may still fall, but it is difficult to catch the bottom. Given the high growth potential, it is quite possible to consider the following proposals:

  • Tech Giants. The kit includes well-known companies such as Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet. These tech stocks are oversold and could go up a lot.
  • Perspective Assets. Set from Cosmos, Micron Technology, Alibaba. Its growth is possible in 2-3 and even more times.
  • Peers of Ethereum. Solana and Avalanche are potential new ETH competitors. (Provigil)

These kits are relatively predictable and include the most exciting and promising assets. The connection between the technology sector and digital assets has become increasingly clear lately. It can be seen in the correlation between the leading cryptocurrencies and the Nasdaq index. Investors can choose between classic instruments like stocks, cryptocurrency, or a combination kit. It is a balanced decision since almost no one has any doubts that another rise in cryptocurrency awaits us. Even those coins can grow during such periods that no one seriously considers.

In summary, there are several aspects regarding Metadoro’s investment proposals. First, they are convenient from the point of view of analysis. The investor does not have to spend time studying market sectors and their state of affairs in them. All this is done by Metadoro analysts, the investor only has to make the final decision on the investment. Getting acquainted with ready-made strategies is much easier than creating your own.

Secondly, it is always easier to choose when there is detailed information and real-time price dynamics. Each kit implements one investment idea. It cannot be said that one of them is worse and the other is better. They have different goals and are designed for different types of investors. If you are not sure about something, then you can always independently change the weight of each of the assets as you wish. Metadoro kits can be both a ready-made strategy and the basis for building your own.

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