What is SEO and what does it do?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a comprehensive development and promotion of a website to reach the first position in the results of search engines for selected queries to increase traffic and further generate income.

The higher the position of the site in the search results, the more users go to it. Therefore, SEO services are important for promotion results:

  • increasing the correspondence of pages to search queries (relevance)
  • adjusting the structure and content
  • improvement of commercial factors
  • increasing the validity of the page code
  • increase in external factors of the significance of the resource

The principle of operation looks very simple: the user enters a query of interest to them, and the search engine builds a list of links to resources in a specific order. After that, the potential client gets acquainted with a brief description of the resource and goes to it if it interests them. The higher the results of such a link is, the more likely the transition is, since the user usually does not go beyond the first page of the issue.

The principle of constructing search results on demand uses a complex sorting formula that takes into account dozens of parameters. At the same time, the exact algorithm for such a ranking is not disclosed by the owners of search engines, who voice only the general principles of building a high-quality and useful resource for people, helping to climb to the top. In practice, without the use of SEO promotion technologies, it is almost impossible to bring a site to the first page of search results in highly competitive commercial topics, even if its content and technical implementation are perfect. One of the popular examples of such topics is seo for attorneys.

Optimization rules are set by search engines. Each of them uses and regularly updates its ranking algorithms, which are made up of many factors. And, although the formulas are secret, experts know which factors carry the most weight. You can improve the position for key queries in the search results by influencing them.

For example user behavior, interface convenience, and site loading speed are extremely important for promotion results. With the development and complication of algorithms, the importance of the above factors is steadily growing, which ultimately improves search results. Search engines strive to provide the most useful material for a user’s query. Therefore, the owners of the resource need to publish the most interesting content for their audience.

Depending on the direction, there are:

  • Internal: related directly to the site and under the full control of its owner – from hosting and domain to the color scheme and font selection.
  • External: related to third-party sites, site environment, and its representative offices – external links and their anchors, cards in directories, and maps.

There are many ways to promote websites on the Internet to increase resource traffic, for example, using contextual display advertising, social networks, PR activities, and crowd marketing. The choice of promotion method depends on the type of project, goals, and budget of the owner. But SEO and local SEO services are considered to be the basis of promotion.

Traditionally, search promotion is the most reliable and promising method. Since in the process of work the site is comprehensively developing and improving. If a site ranks highly for a popular keyword, new visitors will constantly come to it. Organic traffic, as practice shows, is the most converting. So that means the investment will definitely pay off.

What determines the timing of SEO promotion?

          SEO-optimization and bringing to the required positions in the issue is a process that is significantly extended in time. The effect of the work begins to appear approximately 2-3 months after they start, and tangible results will be noticeable in six months or a year.

However, faster results are also possible. The speed and success of optimization are influenced by several factors, including:

  • the age of the domain and its current rating in search engines
  • the level of competition in the subject of the company’s activities
  • the quality of project implementation both in technical and information terms
  • behavioral factors
  • high-quality optimization and competent compilation of the semantic core
  • regular analysis of the results to adjust the promotion strategy

SEO is the main way to drive traffic to a website that has existed since the inception of search engines. At each stage of its existence, this method of generating visitors to the site changes and adapts to new ranking algorithms, filters, and factors. Search engine optimization will be in demand as long as people are looking for information on the web.

Many firms that want to get a bigger say on the Internet use these mechanisms. You can also develop your business through modern technologies. Does your company do it on its own or contact SEO company Chicago.


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