What should I do immediately after I find water damage?

Water damage is one of the most gruesome damages you can ever expect your house to have. It can take place due to a storm, leakage, flood, or can even take place due to busted pipelines. If any kind of overflow of the appliances takes place or sewage backup, you can be in big trouble.


Water damage can be life-threatening and distressing. It can cause massive harm to your property and may cost you a considerable fortune. Thus, it is always better to address the emergency situation as fast as possible. Do whatever is in your power from water leakage.


There are plenty of solutions that you can opt for immediately after water damage, and calling a professional company is one of them. And suppose you want to take the help of professionals. In that case, we are here to suggest to you Bedrock Restoration, the best in Minneapolis water damage restoration. They are the best when it comes to mending water damage.


Now, let us see some of the ways that you can opt immediately after water damage:


  1. Take care of yourself and your belongings.


Water damage can be extremely harmful to your health and can destroy your possessions in no time. Therefore, when you are having trouble with water damage, your priority must be yourself and your belongings. Therefore safety is necessary. Protection from contaminated water and mold growth can be life-threatening and even dangerous due to floods.


Thus, you need to know specific self-protective methods with the help of which you will be able to put yourself and your belongings first. Let us go through the following steps that you can opt to prioritise yourself and your belongings over anything:


  • Immediately turn down the main switch of electricity so that your floors and walls are not able to conduct current through their bodies. Switch off the circuit breaker and, from different places, unplug multiple devices.
  • If you are facing water damage due to a flood, it will be better to evacuate the area immediately. Do not return to the site unless and until it is declared safe by the authorities. This is very important. If you live alone or with your family, this is one of the most critical steps you should follow.
  • While you are reentering your property, you need to take adequate measures. These practical measures include wearing gloves or rubber, boots that are waterproof and protective clothes.


  • Prioritise your official documents and electronic items before any Those are of the utmost value. And then evacuate the place by rescuing your other valuable items.


  1. Call help from your insurance company.


Your insurance company is an important source that can help you recover from any damage that can occur in an emergency situation. You have to make an effective claim while in conversation with the company. Look out for the following claims that you can make:


  • Call immediately after you discover you are in the midst of a water crisis. Talk to them and know what the immediate measures that your company would require you to take care of.


  • If possible, get a claim adjuster as quickly as possible so that you can document it and also do not forget to know about the damage cost. This is important because you need to have an estimation of your budget.


  • Sometimes, taking photos of the areas that are affected is really very necessary and also of the affected valuables of yours. Therefore, make sure you do that before anything else so that you can even claim insurance for them.
  • Keep detailed receipts and records.
  1. Try and stop the water damage.


When you see you are having a devastatingwater problem, the first thing that you should try to find out is the reason behind the water problem. Identifying that is a huge thing and of the top priority. When you are able to locate them in no time, you will be able to prevent the devastation from compounding. And to help you in the process, the following things can help you out. Check them out:


  • The most common cause of water damage is bursting pipes or even leakage of hot water tanks. And therefore, it is essential for you to know the locations of your shut-off valves. This is important because, in times of need, your knowledge may help you to use them.


  • If you predict a flood beforehand, ensure you take proper preventive measures. These measures may include the use of sandbagging and even ditching.


  • Mold formation is another dangerous effect of water damage. So you have to watch out for the formation of molds anywhere in your house. Because molds can be dangerous to life too. Keep your eyes wide open for any kind of foul odour or discolour of the ceilings or baseboards because these might be the area for mold formation.


  1. Start drying out your things.


Last but not the least, drying out your things is very important. Within a span of 24 hours, it is necessary to dry out your things. Take a total time of four days to complete the entire process. Let us see the various methods by which you can do so:


  • You can remove the areas that are flooded by lifting off the pieces of furniture in your house.


  • Between the legs of the furniture, you can place aluminium foils, and even wet carpet will do if you want to prevent carpet stains.


  • You can remove the area rugs and even hang them to dry.


  • In order to make the process of drying faster, you can take the help of fans and humidifiers.


  • You can even turn on your air conditioner to remove humidity.


  • You may also need the help of professional-grade equipment.


Final Thoughts!

If you are predicting the problem of water damage, then immediately take the necessary measures. It is something that you cannot avoid if you need to call for some professional help right away!

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