What Struggles Do Veteran Families Face Each Day?

Military service seems very stable when compared to civilian life. What struggles do veteran families face? Here are the common concerns.

Did you know that there are around 19 million veterans in the United States alone?

The widespread effects of war on veterans and their entire families are significant. There are struggles veteran families face that are unique to having a veteran in their family.

These struggles are not uncommon, and they yield solutions developed with the right help and guidance. Keep reading to learn about the struggles that veteran families face each day.

Financial Challenges for Veteran Families

Veteran families face unique financial challenges that are different from non-veteran families. Many veterans struggle with returning to the civilian workforce after their service. They find themselves struggling to make ends meet.  This can create hardships for them and their family. In addition, the employment restrictions and high licensing costs associated with certain veteran jobs can further add to the financial strain.  Further, veterans may receive inadequate care and support from the Veterans Administration. This leads to limited access to financial services or other vital resources.  Finally, veterans and their families also face the issue of underemployment. This also entails inadequate pay. It often leads to a perpetual cycle of economic insecurity.

The challenges facing veteran families are many, and they can be overwhelming. It is important to be aware of the resources available and the percentage and total benefits you are entitled to

Mental Health Struggles Amongst Veteran Families

Military veterans, both active and retired, often deal with serious mental health issues. They may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression. Some also suffer from anxiety, substance abuse issues, or some combination of these.  Unfortunately, the mental health struggles of veterans can often extend to their families. Family members are often the ones who notice the symptoms of mental illness first. They take on the responsibility of trying to help their loved one cope.  It can be emotionally and mentally taxing to deal with the changes that can go with PTSD, depression, and other mental illnesses in a family member.  This can cause individual stress and leave spouses, children, siblings, and other family members. The family sometimes feels helpless and frustrated.

Unemployment Challenges for Veteran Families

Veteran families face a range of significant challenges when it comes to unemployment. Many veterans are unable to easily transition from military to civilian life. This leaves them facing an uphill battle in finding a job.  Additionally, veterans may face ageism when applying for work. Many veterans also may have physical and mental disabilities that they must address while looking for work.  The unique skills and mentalities veterans often have may also be a challenge. This includes stability and discipline, yet too often, their military experience is undervalued.  Additionally, many veteran families have the added stressor of single-parent homes. This makes it more difficult to find reliable and consistent employment. These unemployment challenges are all contributing factors to the struggles of veteran families.

Togetherness and Connectedness in Veteran Families

From the fear and anxiety of a loved one going off to war to the inability to be physical, many of these families have experienced hardships. There are levels of strength and resilience most will never know.  Togetherness and connectedness in veteran families give them strength. It helps them to power through the darkest days. They make the most of each moment of joy and peace.

The Struggle of Deportment

One of the struggles is the struggle of deportation. Soldiers who are not a citizen of the U.S. but have joined the military to fight for the country could be deported. This is even if they have been in the military for years.  Furthermore, families of those veterans face this fear due to the deportation process. Families worry that they will be pulled apart due to deportation laws due to their citizenship status.  Deportation could cause the family to be separated. As a result, the veteran is sent to a different country with very little long-term support from family and friends.  Veteran families should be supported, not divided. The struggle of deportation could make it incredibly difficult for this to be accomplished.

Navigating the Benefits System

Veteran families face a variety of struggles with navigating the benefits system. Veterans returning home after often have difficulty understanding the claims and appeals system.  They become overwhelmed by trying to complete paperwork and are unfamiliar with the system. Veteran families are unaware of the large range of resources available. Making the process of obtaining the military benefits they have earned from their service difficult and often confusing.  Additionally, veteran families often struggle to find skilled grant writers that know how to maneuver their way. The maze of laws that too often limit their eligibility for much-needed financial help.

Understanding what is available and how to access benefits yields an incredibly difficult task for the average veteran family struggling to acclimate to the civilian world.

Homelessness of Veterans and their Families

Sadly, there has been an unfortunate increase in the rate of veterans and family homelessness. This is due to a lack of housing and financial stability.

For homeless veterans, accessing the services available to address the issue can be difficult. It is because of a lack of awareness, financial instability, or mobility. With increased support and social service agencies, a reduction of homeless veterans can be achieved.

This Guide Will Help Overcome the Struggles of Veteran Families

Veteran families tend to face unique challenges each day, such as PTSD and financial difficulties. Unhealthy coping methods and a lack of family resources can lead to further problems.

Each day can be a daunting task for veteran families, but openly communicating and working together can create a better life. If you or a family you know face veteran struggles; please reach out for support.

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