When to Opt for Hair Transplant in Men

Hair Transplant in Men

A hair transplant seems right for people desperately seeking solutions for hair loss or thinning hair. A hair transplant is an ideal solution for anyone of the right age and in the appropriate condition that calls for a hair transplant.

However, the thing is that before signing up for a hair transplant, it is essential to know the pros and cons of this procedure. Once you know what is happening, you will learn why you must be mindful about your age and why the right number is crucial. 

Hair loss in males is different from hair loss in females. Hair loss in males also impacts the younger men in their early 20s, which often leads to insecurity and unhappiness. Often, the younger males are in search of an instant fix as they are desperate to get back on track.

Understanding Hair Loss Progression

It is important to understand that hair loss is a progressive state. No one suddenly wakes up to find their hair has gone missing. Hair loss starts with hair thinning and steadily progresses towards baldness in males. 

Now, the thing is that most men don’t notice the hair loss progression in the way they should until the condition becomes too obvious. This is also the point where men look for quick fixes that would help them look better right then and right now. 

When men are in their 20s, they happen to be in their prime, which is why they want to look their best to support a youthful appearance. If this sounds like you, you will want to wait until the hair loss progression is completed. 

If you go to the Silicon Valley Hair Institute, and the professionals see that the hair loss progression hasn’t fully developed, there is a great chance that they recommend you the same. They will ask you to understand the full progression of hair loss before opting for a hair transplant. 

Why Does Age Matter?

Hair transplant professionals are always cautious about the age of the affected males before they agree to perform a hair transplant. Usually, the potential candidates who are under 18 or 20 need to be vetted by the surgeon before getting approval.

Typically, individuals who aren’t of age are advised to wait with the hair transplant until their hair loss progress has visibly stabilized because if they make the mistake of jumping right into surgery, it will still be too early to predict the potential pattern that their loss would take. 

If you still insist on getting a hair transplant before the hair loss process has been completed, your hair won’t only look unnatural, but there is a great chance that you will be prone to losing hair faster. Just think about how unnatural your hair would look if you were to opt for a hair transplant without waiting for the hair loss process to stabilize. 

Your hair will look luscious in all those places where you had the transplant done, but. The surrounding areas will only proceed to get thinner. 

So, the best thing to do would be to stabilize the process of potential hair loss first and then opt for a hair transplant. 

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