Who Is William Afton’s Wife

Who Is William Afton’s Wife


Who is William Afton’s wife is a question constantly witnessed on the internet? People want to try their luck and get an answer to this particular question. If we take a look, we will know that William Afton is a character in the FNAF series. The FNAF 6 has been completed, and there are several queries from the general public regarding the plot and the characters of the gaming series.

If we look at all the gaming series and shows aired, we will come to know that in all of these entertainment solutions, the public was left with some unanswered questions. Later on, people started to get answers to these questions independently.

As a result, different debates were experienced by the public. Especially the social media platforms are filled with questions regarding the entertainment solutions and their missing links. If you want to know more about the topic in question, this article is the perfect place to find the solutions to your desire.

Who Is William Afton’s Wife

Although many people want to know the identity of the character’s wife, if we take a look, then we will come to know that there are those people too who want to make sure that whether the famous character was ever married or not. This is why if we take a look, then we will come to know that the depicted character of William Afton is also a father of three children.

Who Is William Afton’s Wife

Now a person can debate that these children are adopted, but this is not the case. We might be looking at the picture the other way around. Because if we take a look, we will come to know that the characteristics depicted of the famous character William Afton on the screen help us understand that no reason would provoke William to adopt three children. Thus, it is evident that since he is fathering three children, then he might have been married in the past.

Examining All The Facts With Clarity

If we take a look at the past, we will witness that Fred Bears Family Dinner is where it all started. This is where you will find that William was married and had three children. The names of the children are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Michael
  • Elizabeth
  • The crying child from season 4

Since the name of the 3rd child was not available, he is represented as the child from season 4 who was a crying baby at that time. If we examine the facts more closely, we will know that Henry and Williams were best friends in the past. Both of them were able to develop two different suits. The characters of these suits were:

  • Fred bear
  • Spring Bonnie

Now there are many speculations that why did both of them had only two suits for their performances. We have mentioned these below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • One of the most obvious reasons is that they might be witnessing a low cash moment; therefore, they thought that it was enough that they had only two suits for the performances.
  • Since there are not many child performers who would prefer to go for the Spring lock suits for performances in front of a child audience. Therefore, the only reason to satisfy the minds is that they loved the children for whom they performed.

The Argument Over The Suits

We have already determined that William and Henry had two suits prepared for the performances. Therefore, as a result, it is evident that the person under these suits was no other than William and his wife. However, this gives rise to another debate that which character used to wear which suit. But the argument is still valid, and there is another possibility. Henry might also be the person under the second suit.

The Argument Over The Suits

Therefore, we should not pay heed to the assumptions and ensure that the details are well authenticated and analyzed before making any decision. Along with the contribution of Henry, the couple was successful in developing a business of their own. Therefore, you might find them to be overjoyed.

Was It William’s Wife Under The Second Suit Or Not?

As we have discussed that the second suit was a spring bonnie design. Thus, we must understand whether this character is female or not. If it is female, then it indicates that the person inside the suit is none other than the wife of William Afton.

Since the suit was spring locked, therefore, during the performances one day, they experienced a tragic incident. As a result, a boy came up to the person wearing the suit and intentionally or unintentionally triggered the spring locks. Thus, it causes the spill of water. The nature of the event is still unknown, but the results were completely evident. As a result, she instantly died on the scene. Who is William Afton’s wife.

Death of William’s Wife

The death of the wife of William was a huge event; therefore, William Afton was shocked by the news, and he was heartbroken. Such events are not easy to cope with; therefore, many people opt for different solutions to help them move through difficult times. Thus, he also opted for alcohol.

Death of William’s Wife

To confirm this fact, we can also cross-reference the details with the racer minigame secret, according to which the guys outside the JR’s bar do not allow him inside. This prohibition is probably because of his indulgence in different quarrels with the management.

William also kills the child after returning from the bar. This might be due to excessive alcohol intake or the rage. This also helps us deducing that the child who opened the spring locks might be the daughter of Henry. The reality hits him after he is done with the sin, making him go insane. Therefore, there is a strong chance that William’s wife was the one wearing the suit.

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Who is William Afton’s wife is a question that would help us in analyzing the priorities of the modern world? Here people want to know everything, even about the gaming characters. The details mentioned above will help you deduce the results.

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