Why Are Managed IT Services So Important?

The term ‘managed IT services’ are found everywhere and as it implies, essential IT services are managed by industry specialists like proofid.com, who focus on managing, monitoring, and controlling the technology for your business or organization. Managed services in companies lead to improved task efficiencies, increased productivity, and ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to security while dealing with technology. Whether you run a small store or business you need a strong digital profile and most of us know about IT, which is why managed business IT support emerged to power small and medium businesses with networking and cyber-security solutions.

The risk of data theft is real!

The hacking community is always busy, scouring the Internet, looking for easy pickings and if you are not protected, you are at risk of becoming the victim of cyber-crime. One of the many services offered by the leading Tampa company, dsolutionsgroup.com, cyber-security simply cannot be overlooked and you need top IT security people looking after your network to ensure your data is always secure. Imagine for a moment that all of your customer financial data was hacked! You would have to contact all of your customers and give them some very bad news, not to mention the fraud that could be committed with stolen credit card data. Your network defenses need to be top-drawer if you want to feel safe and when you engage the services of an IT support provider, cyber-security is a given.

Migrating to the cloud

Most businesses are already on the cloud and if you have yet to make the switch to remote data storage, this is something to seriously consider. The benefits are many:

  • Access your data from any location
  • Using any digital device
  • No bulky software
  • Real time updating
  • Secure network
  • 24/7 support

These are some of the benefits cloud networks offer and if you would like to learn more about the cloud, Google ‘managed IT services near me’ and talk to an expert. Business Intelligence is an important issue that should be addressed.

Real time video

Probably the most popular service is business communication using VoIP platforms, which by-pass cell networks, saving you a fortune. Why not real-time video with your sales team every day? You can collaborate in a virtual environment and have meaningful discussions with associates and there are no ‘by the minute’ charges with VoIP solutions. Many people work from home and this is possible thanks to platforms like Zoom and Skype and with all your employees using headsets, everyone can communicate on the move and it won’t break the bank!

Planning for the future

With a good IT consulting company in your corner, you will make all the right IT choices, empowering your business in so many ways. Your IT infrastructure can grow with your organization when you join forces with a managed IT services provider who is based locally, as they create secure networks that allow you to operate.

The US government has issued a 2020 cyber-crime report that includes covid-19 scams to watch out for, which is yet another reason to join forces with a local managed IT services provider.

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