Why Bitcoin’s ‘mid-halving’ will be a huge boost


Bitcoin (BTC) remains as the most prominent cryptocurrency in the market, and there is no doubt that it continues to set the tone for its continuous growth over the years. In fact, its value will greatly increase with the mid-halving coming up.

Halving is when the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) rewards will push for a half reduction per mined block. The next halving is set to take place around May 5, 2024. It is said to reduce the block rewards to at least 3.125 BTC.

With this, Bitcoin slots are fun to play since the coin is poised to make a bullish run in the next few months. Some analysts also believe that the four-year market cycle for Bitcoin is slowly changing as the halving schedule may no longer be the big factor that can change the pace of the coin.

Mid-halving will stabilise the value of the coin

So far, Bitcoin is in a stable state and one can be sure that it will still be good to invest at this point. Most experts say that there is indeed a coming push for Bitcoin to at least maintain its value.

Bitcoin has gone through a total of four halvings so far. All of those have seen a similar pattern where the divergence from that cycle has begun. The trading for the coin has been at $43,528, which shows a good sign with a few months to go before 2023. 

BTC is known for its high value in the past few years, and it has set a gold bar for a lot of crypto in the market. The target value for a good resistance is $50,000. So, there is still plenty of time for the coin to actually catch up and gain more market value.

The next mid-halving, projected to be on April 11, would surely cast a lot of doubts away from the coin and show a sign that the traditional up and down pace of the coin will be gone for good. That is a good look for Bitcoin and can play a huge role in attracting more investors in the long run.

No extended bear market will come into play

The common flow with every halving and the mid-halving is the fact that there is always a cycle of a bull market taking hold of the whole value trend. Price began to increase with network activity with a dramatic climax in price that has led to an all-time high. This pattern was mostly seen from the recent May 2020 halving that reached an all-time high in November 2021.

The only problem is that after the bull market, an extended bear market will come into the next mid-halving. It is noted that the market is now showing signs of a possible end to that cycle since the network is now near mid-halving with no extended bear market closing in.

Experts say that the unpredictable cycle will be finally taken over with an interplay on both supply and demand. With network activity now up to a much higher rate than the last halving in 2018, Bitcoin is expected to be on its way to a new growth phase.

With that said, Bitcoin may be on the way to a much bigger growth in the years to come. Once it reaches the $50,000 resistance level, it should be safe for a lot of people to continue investing in the coin and avoid a deeper price slump.

At the end of the day, Bitcoin investors will surely benefit from the stable value of the coin. Even those who play Bitcoin slots will get a boost that they have never expected before – which should push them to play more.

Who knows? More users will be investing in the long run. As long as Bitcoin continues to reach for the $50,000 mark, it will bring a much bigger growth for the whole industry.

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