Why Do You Have Ponding Water on Your Flat Roof?

Have Ponding Water

There are many different types of roofs; they vary in size, physical characteristics and complexity. Roofs can be broadly classified into 2 groups: flat roofs, which are flat and all the other types that are not flat! Flat roofs are very popular with homeowners, especially those living in new, modern builds. Flat roofs are more simple compared to sloped roofs; they are cheaper to buy and easier to install. Flat roofs have increased in popularity among homeowners. The presence of a flat roof gives a more modern look, compared to more traditional sloped roofs. One common problem that flat roof homeowners have to face is the presence of ponding water on their roofs. Ponding water causes problems and needs to be taken care of by a professional roofing company.

What Is it on a Flat Roof?

Sometimes water will collect in puddles on the surface of your roof, if it doesn’t drain away and is present for more than 48 hours, it is called ponding water. Ponding water can progress into much larger, expensive problems if it is not resolved. Flat roof repair needs to be carried out by flat roofers to fix the problem.

Why Do Flat Roofs Have Puddles?

  • The surface of a flat roof should not actually be completely flat, there should be a very slight incline around the sides for water to drain away. Subsequently, if you are getting ponding water, no matter the size, your roof needs repairing. Even the smallest of puddles can cause serious problems.
  • Blocked and clogged drains and other drainage problems can cause ponding water.
  • Older models of HVAC systems were very heavy and may have created a dip in the roof if you had possessed one.

What Can it Do to Your Roof?

Ponding water can cause very serious damage to your roof and if left, your home. The presence of excessive water for an extended period of time will damage the flat roof structure

  • Various roofing materials on your roof will corrode if they are exposed to water for a long time; this could lead to flat roofing failure
  • Over an extended period of time, moss and lichen will grow, which will damage your roof and will attract animals and pests to your roof, which results in even more problems. Ponding water over time leads to roof leakage, which leads to various water damages within your home.

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