Why to wear a hijab and its online variations

Why to wear a hijab and its online variations

Hijab symbolizes the importance of Islamic religion and respect to the customs of Islam. According to Quran men and women has to cover their body in public so, hijab is used to cover the head portion for women. There are many hijab stores online, selling hijab in different varieties and at minimum costs but before that, why it is essential to have headscarf scientifically:

  • earing hijab protects the head from heat and direct sunlight, according to the doctors covering head is not necessary and beneficial in summers but as well as in winter.
  • From hygienic perspective also people wearing hijab, are exposed to fewer germs as compared to others and considered to be pure as they are away from dust, pollution, and different infections.
  • Workers in the number of professions keep their head covered with some cap or cloth- nurses, fast food vendors, servers, doctors, health care provider, etc.
  • Keeping the skin covered from direct sunlight, preserve the body from harmful ultraviolet rays and some radiations that are not good at all and could cause organ damage, gives wrinkle on skin.

So, wearing the hijab would not be an issue at all from religious as well as a scientific perspective but choosing one would be a difficulty due to the massive variety of choices and designs, earlier there would not be, but now designers have done a great job. Many online websites working dedicatedly on hijab and presenting huge variety and variations in the veil,

  1. Scarf’s: a piece of cloth could be rectangular or square wrapped around the head and goes under the chin, may be pinned or knotted. Most common and looks trendy as available in a different color.
  2. Shayla: Is a long and rectangular scarf wrapped loosing around the head and tucked or pinned near shoulders; it covers the head but leaves the neck and face bright.
  3. Khimar: Is a long cape like in structure covering head and the whole body and hangs to the middle of the back. It leaves the face clear, sometimes provided with a scarf as well.
  4. Chador: It is a long cloak which covers the entire body and could wear over other clothes; it hangs from the middle of the body. It included head till the feet and had to tie to the feet, leaving face unveils.
  5. Niqab: this is very common not is Islam, but for all women in summer to hide from the sun, it covers the mouth, nose and leaves eyes clear. It could be combined with Khimar to cover the head portion.
  6. Burqa: It mostly covers the entire face and body as well, having a mesh-like design in front of eyes to see through it.

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