Why Your Company Needs A Same-Day Delivery Service?

Why Needs Same-Day Delivery Service

Did you know that same-day deliveries are the next big revolution in logistics? It is believed that same-day deliveries can change the way people shop online. Below are Few reasons Why Your Company Needs A Same-Day Delivery Service?

Even when people shop online, they expect their orders to get delivered as soon as possible. Thus, when any company follows the same-day product delivery model, their levels of customer satisfaction increase immensely. One out of every four online shoppers reported that they are likely to choose the companies that support same-day delivery services over others. They also claimed that they would never look for alternatives either if given this service.  Thus, many companies have started to offer same-day product delivery services in order to ensure their business stays current to all market standards.

Following are the primary reasons why you should be employing same-day delivery services for your delivery requirements, whether it is for your business or your personal use. In this blog we are going to shed light on all the benefits of using a same-day delivery service for your business. So, without further ado, let us get going:

  1. Same-Day Delivery is Key to Your Success

Consider a pair of shoes that you ordered at nine in the morning before going to the office. As soon as you return from the office, you see the product placed on your doorstep. It will make you extremely happy and increase your chances of going back to the same shop in the future. (harrisburgarts.com)  

McKinsey & Company states in their research that same-day delivery is the next big revolution in the online retail industry as retail giants like Amazon and Walmart begin to offer these services. Consider the following bar graph presented by McKinsey & Company as they establish that same-day delivery is the next big evolutionary step in the retail industry. 

McKinsey & Company

  1. Research supports same day delivery services

Research Bungii indicates that despite there being an extra charge for same day delivery services, customers are still more likely to opt for it since the perceived value of receiving something instantly surpasses all other benefits. With that said, when you consider the rapid growth in ecommerce adoption, increasing GDP per capita, changing customer expectations, and rampant urbanization, same day delivery services seem like the need of the hour. 

Thus, the availability of same-day product delivery services is likely to increase the ecommerce potential for your business. Additionally, it will also boost the online sales of products that need to be shipped on same day conditions due to short lifespans such as grocery and food items. 

Customer expectations keep increasing with developments in courier services. When customers buy something online, they expect convenience and delivery efficiency. According to the survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, the young generations who are working for long hours and live in smaller households are likely to pay a fortune for convenience.

  1. Same-Day Deliveries Work as A Catalyst for Customer Willingness

According to the survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, customers seem to find same-day delivery service attractive if the extra charge is 7-8 percent of the total basket value. The survey concludes that if your customers try the same-day product delivery service, there is no going back for them because customers’ expectations work in only one direction, which is upwards. Once the customers try to get a taste of same-day delivery services, they are most likely to return to your shop in the future,  asking for more. It will ultimately boost your product sales, especially for those orders that you may have lost earlier due to urgent and speedy delivery requirements.


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