Your Guide to Heavy Equipment Transport


Are you looking to relocate your commercial or industrial business and need to get your heavy equipment transported? At We Will Transport It, we can help you ship any type of heavy equipment or machinery anywhere in the country or overseas regardless of the size, dimensions or destination. The transport of heavy equipment requires a transporter familiar with the proper handling and safety measures and is experienced in the heavy haul sector. You will require a heavy haul trucking expert if your shipment is unable to be broken down into multiple smaller loads or if the total weight exceeds legal limits and requires special permits for it to safely travel. 

Unlike with other types of shipping services, hauling heavy machinery requires special handling, permits, escort vehicles and specialized carrier equipment to safely transport heavy equipment. Whether you want to buy steel beams online for a construction site, large tractors, excavators or any other type of heavy machinery, you can count on We Will Transport It to handle any size load and go the distance. We will handle all the legwork whether it be securing permits for travel or finding the right carrier with equipment capable of handling your load, We Will make it happen. 

Why People Choose We Will Transport It For Heavy Equipment Transport

We Will Transport It has been transporting all types of heavy equipment and machinery for over 25 years. Our experienced team members are available now to walk you through the entire process of shipping oversized equipment and to answer any questions you have. We know that you expect your heavy equipment to arrive in the same condition as when it left. We really are the right choice when it comes to all of your heavy equipment shipping needs. 

We actually specialize in all types of freight shipping services with professional over the road and overseas shipping options. When you have oversize equipment that needs to be moved, you are going to need professional drivers that are experienced and know how to get the job done. Our vast network of qualified and vetted carriers have the resources available to handle any sized load. Let our team of hauling experts put their experience to work for you.

What Type Of Trailer Do I Need?

For most types of heavy equipment transport, a flatbed trailer is usually sufficient. Flatbeds come in several sizes and allow for the easy loading and unloading of freight weighing up to 48,000 pounds. ( When choosing a hauling company you’ll want to ensure that the trailer being used will be capable of handling the weight of your heavy equipment and that the driver will have the tools necessary to properly load and secure the equipment to the trailer as well as being able to unload it successfully. For larger and oversized equipment transports you may require either a stepdeck or lowboy trailer to accommodate taller or heavier equipment shipments. 

Get A Quote For Oversize Load Transport

No other company can offer the caliber of customer service or level of experience we can. We know that a great experience relies on the experience and talents of our drivers to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. Oversized load transport requires expert drivers that are experienced and qualified to handle any type of equipment or machinery you may have. Give We Will Transport It a call at 800-677-1196 and one of our experienced professional agents will answer any questions you may have and help you get your shipment set up. Call Now!    

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