3 Tips to Make Sure Your YouTube Videos Get Seen

There are a lot of ways to reach your audience on YouTube. You can distribute videos directly to your fans through social media and email, or you can promote them on other channels’ pages.

But if you want more people to see your videos, the best strategy is to share them with the right people — and that means following those who already like your channel.

Here are three tips for making sure that happens:

  1.       Make sure the video is actually relevant

The first thing that needs to be done is make sure you know more about YouTube SEO and the video is relevant. You can use keywords in the title or description of your video, but this might not be enough. You should also look at other videos related to the topic you are talking about and check if they have already done a similar video on the same topic. This will give you a good idea of what people are looking for when they search for information on YouTube and also help you decide whether or not this particular topic should be covered in your video too. In addition, you can also do some research yourself on what topics people are interested in and then find out more about them by watching their favorite videos on YouTube or reading articles about them on websites like Wikipedia.

Use captions and subtitles, when possible, when creating videos for YouTube users who don’t speak English as their first language or who may not understand certain words or phrases used in a video title, description or tags section such as “best” or “hottest”.

  1.       Expand your network

YouTube’s recommendation engine can be a great way to find new audiences for your channel, but it won’t work if you’re not in its network — so make sure you’re following other creators who also post videos about what you do or have similar interests.Use your phone’s camera and record yourself talking about whatever you want to talk about.Make a video of yourself using your phone’s camera and talking about whatever you want.

The internet is full of people with large followings who might be interested in seeing a new video from you or one of their favorite creators. Reach out via email or social media and ask if they’d be willing to help promote your video(s). They’ll probably be flattered and will share it with their followers — as well as providing free publicity for you!

Use a good sound quality for all your videos. If possible, use a high-definition camera to capture the best quality footage possible for your videos. Also, make sure that all of your audio is well-recorded and edited so it doesn’t sound distorted or muffled at any point during playback.

  1.       Get a great thumbnail

The thumbnail for your video is the first thing that people will see when they visit your channel, so it’s essential to have a clear and eye-catching image.

Having text in your video content is another way to help viewers find you and make your video more engaging. It also helps with SEO, which is important if you want to rank well on Google or wherever else you’re trying to get your videos seen. 

Mobile browsing is on the rise and with that comes an increased need for mobile optimization if you want to increase engagement with viewers who are using their phones when watching videos online — especially since most social media platforms now offer mobile apps as well as desktop browsers.

Make sure your video has a clear call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is what your viewers should do next after watching your video. It’s important to have a strong CTA so that viewers can easily understand what action they should take in order to watch more of your videos.

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