5 Different Makeup looks for different occasions

For beginners, it’s not just hard to create different makeup looks for different occasions… It’s straight-up complicated like Schrodinger’s equation!

I wonder how many times you used the same look everywhere… oh don’t feel self-conscious because I’ve been on your boat! Tested, failed, and learned the hard way. So, if you also want to change this saga, follow this guide!

1.The normal makeup look

Bold makeup isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! So if you prefer a neutral makeup look to highlight your natural beauty, you need a good foundation, eyebrow pencil, and contour.

Once you’re done using them, put a nude lipstick to complete this gorgeous look. However, not all nude shades suit all skin tones. So, if you are tired of browsing all kinds of makeup websites, visit Cosmetic Capital to end this long-running quest for the perfect nudes once and for all.

Further, don’t forget to add black eyeliner for a stylish appearance.

2.The job interview look

Most women get confused about this as heavy makeup is distracting and inappropriate for professional fields. But a bare face for an interview shows you aren’t competent enough because it needs significant effort for the perfect look.
So, you have only one choice: a moderate appearance!

Apply tinted face moisturizer for a fresh and dewy look, and use nude lipstick. Apply bronze eyeshadow, thin black liner, and a little mascara.

Keep your hair tamed, and make sure that you have correctly plucked eyebrows.

3.The workout makeup look

You’re up for a big surprise if you’re wondering, “who wears makeup at the gym?”

You’re somewhat right… you don’t need full-blown smoky eyes or bold lips, but you must at least appear decent after sweaty, rigorous training. So, grab your tips here!

Do your eyebrows and upper lips. You have no idea how this simple trick can change your entire makeup game.

Apply waterproof concealer to avoid makeup fallout.

If you want to use eye makeup, apply one coat of waterproof mascara and puff translucent powder on top of your lashes. Next, apply another coat of mascara to increase the volume of eyelashes.

Do not use lipstick. Instead, apply tinted lip balm.

Spray mist, thermal water, or makeup setting spray for sweat-proof makeup.

4.The business meeting makeup look

Your appearance doesn’t define your skills, but the business world is harsh. A casual or unprofessional look can affect your client’s perception of you. A proper outfit and flawless makeup are the keys to flaunting your confidence to the other side without uttering a word.

So, clean your face and liberally apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin. If the meeting is in the morning, never forget your holy grail: sunscreen.

[Fun fact: According to the RealSelf Sun Safety Report, 46% of the American participants admitted to never wearing sunscreen.]

Apply primer to hide the pores, especially around the nose and cheek.

Use two shades of lighter concealer than your foundation color for a bright and well-rested eye look. Fill your eyebrows with one shade lighter color than your real eyebrows. For example, if you have black eyebrows, use brown brow powder/eyeshadow to fill them.

Apply bronzer on your cheekbones, hairline, and beneath the chin for a sharp, sculpted look. Then, fill your lips with mauve, nude, or sheer coral to glam up your overall look.

5.The date night look.

On that most-awaited date night with your beloved, who doesn’t want to look like a queen? After all, we want all the attention from them.

So, on your next date night, take the challenge to hypnotize them with your glam.

Decide what kind of makeup look you want: sexy and seductive or cute makeup look.

For a sexy makeup look, use a bright red lip color, grab the attention of your eyes with a smoky effect, and keep your overall makeup look dewy.

For the cute makeup look, you apply primer and foundation for your makeup base. Next, use suitable eyeshadow and lipstick with your outfit. Finally, apply contour to finish the look.

Over to you…

If you follow the steps, these makeup looks aren’t complicated at all. Just grab hold of all the necessary makeup products to start practicing. And if you’re on a low budget, visit Cosmetic Capital to grab 50% off deals on lipsticks and mascaras!

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