How to Create A Fun Bathroom for Kids!

If your bathroom is looking tired and you want a change but have a tight budget, one idea is a bathroom remodel for the kids. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on luxurious bathroom fittings or jacuzzis. You can redesign the bathroom just for your children. It will make the room look fantastic, won’t cost a fortune and it will thrill the little monsters and get them in the bath more often!

 Safety First

The most important thing when designing a bathroom remodel for your children is to consider safety, especially if you have younger children. A slip-proof floor is a necessity. Childproof faucets are a must to stop your children from burning themselves and faucet covers for the bath to stop the children from hurting themselves in the bathtub. Soft toilet seats to prevent pinched fingers will complete the safety checklist.


Use Fun Colors And Patterns

You want to create a bright happy atmosphere in your children’s bathroom. Use a themed design with lots of bright happy colors or add color tiles and paint different pictures like trees, fish, flowers or sky with white clouds on the walls and ceiling.


Keep Things Efficient and Convenient

Rather than designing a luxurious bathroom that you would enjoy, design a bathroom that will allow easy and efficient cleaning. A shower and bathtub, lower height vanities and sinks. Wall hooks where the children can hang their towels or clothes. A bright bench for sitting and dressing.


Choose Easily Maintained Components

Children like to splash, choose seamless countertops and non-porous tiles that do not need sealing. You can incorporate hanging nets to hold wet toys over the bathtub. If you decide to part the walls, using water-resistant wipeable paint is an excellent idea


Choose A Design That Can Grow As The Kids Do

If you’re thinking of the future and worry that your children may outgrow the bathroom too quickly, you can get experienced remodeling contractors to come up with ideas that will be able to change as the kids’ age.

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